Kady McDermott Issues Lengthy Statement Apologising To Maria Fowler For Calling Her Daughter ‘Vile’

15 February 2019, 11:25 | Updated: 15 February 2019, 13:02

Kady McDermott got into a war of words with Maria Fowler over a 'copied' Instagram account.
Kady McDermott got into a war of words with Maria Fowler over a 'copied' Instagram account. Picture: instagram

Kady McDermott has issued a statement after labelling Maria Fowler’s daughter ‘vile’.

Love Island’s Kady McDermott got into a heated war of words with former TOWIE star Maria Fowler this week and labelled her 2-year-old daughter ‘vile’.

It all kicked off when Maria accused Kady of ‘copying’ her interior design company on Instagram.

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Kady has now issued a lengthy statement apologising and has claimed she ‘instantly regretted’ what she said.

It reads: “I'm only human and naturally I make mistakes on temporary based emotions and being in the public eye unfortunately every single one of my mistakes get put out there to the world. Forever getting judged for every step I take/do in life takes its toll.

Kady has now issued an apology.
Kady has now issued an apology. Picture: instagram

"I privately messaged Maria yesterday my apology but as it’s everywhere I will do a public one too. I am deeply sorry to Maria, her partner and of course gorgeous Evie. I did NOT mean what I said.

"It was a disgusting comment stupidly said in a split second of anger, I instantly regretted it and deleted the comment straight away but sadly the damage was already done.

The Love Islander said she 'instantly regretted' the comment.
The Love Islander said she 'instantly regretted' the comment. Picture: instagram

"I am reactive at times but I am not evil or a bad person. I am 23, still have a lot to learn in life with how to control situations better. I am forever learning and continuing to grow as a person. I will not let me stupid mistakes define me but just give me the space to grow into a better woman."

"P.S abuse my appearance/personality if it makes you all feel better but please stop with the ‘go hang yourself’ comments and ‘I hope you get cancer’ and ‘I hope your future kids die in your arms’ comments, behind this Instagram profile I am a real human too with real emotions and there’s only so much I can take without it having a long term effect on myself friends, boyfriend and family."

Kady has since been dropped from fashion brand Missy Empire and has made her Twitter private.

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