Love Island Fans Divided Over Paige Thorne's Teary Haircut Video

19 January 2023, 12:18

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Paige Thorne's 'breakdown' on TikTok has got everyone talking after she claimed to have had a disastrous haircut.

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Love Island's Paige Thorne surprised her followers on Wednesday (January 18) when she posted a teary video talking about her most recent haircut.

The paramedic, who is known for being a contestant on last summer's ITV2 dating show, took to TikTok to share her thoughts on her new do, with fans branding the moment as an 'overreaction'.

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Paige, 24, introduced the video by admitting she had "immediate regret" once she had gotten the chop, she then cutaway to a clip of her hysterically crying in the car following her hairdresser's appointment.

"What is that? "Oh my god, oh my god," the ex-Islander said whilst sobbing.

Paige posted a teary video after her haircut
Paige posted a teary video after her haircut. Picture: Paige Thorne/TikTok
Paige captioned the post: "Lool abit OTT"
Paige captioned the post: "Lool abit OTT". Picture: Paige Thorne/TikTok

Paige tried to explain the situation through the tears and admitted that she wasn't a fan of the cut, she said: "She was like, 'Oh do you like it?' and I was like, 'No!'"

The rant continued: "She said 'It looks lovely,' and I was like, 'No, it doesn't!''

An inconsolable Paige then compared herself to a character from the 2001 animated comedy, Shrek, she exclaimed: "I look like Lord Farquaard from f*****g Shrek."

The TikTok then cuts back to the Welsh reality star in the present day, where she seemed (surprisingly) quite happy with the new hairdo!

"Now today I'm like it's kind of cute," she said whilst caressing her locks.

Fans reacted to Paige Thorne's 'outburst'
Fans reacted to Paige Thorne's 'outburst' . Picture: Paige Thorne/Instagram

She later confessed in the video that "it's not that bad" but she still thinks it's "giving Lord Farquaard from some angles".

Comments quickly rolled in, calling the breakdown an overreaction, one user posted: "That was a ridiculous reaction."

"It’s giving toddlers and tiaras brat attack," another TikTokker posted.

Other commenters pointed out their sympathy for the stylist who had given Paige the cut, with replies like "the poor hairdresser" and "he hairdresser watching this like [embarrassed emoji]."

Another comment read, "I don’t like Paige mean gal vibes," and the Love Island star didn't hold back in the comments, she quipped back: "Mean gal but sending u peace and love because sounds like u need some."

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