Love Island's Paige Thorne Explains How She And Adam Collard Really Split

9 January 2023, 14:28

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Love Island 2022 contestants Paige Thorne and Adam Collard split in October and she's finally explaining the reasons behind their breakup.

After Adam Collard returned to the Love Island villa in 2022 as a bombshell, three years after first starring on the show, he quickly hit it off with Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne.

Paige was moving on from her turbulent romance with Jacques O'Neil and her and Adam grew close quickly, leaving the villa together shortly before the final.

They met each other's families and continued their relationship in the outside world, but only for two months after Adam was seen getting close to other girls in more than one viral video.

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Three months after their breakup Paige lifted the lid on how their split went down during an Instagram Q&A with her one million followers on Sunday 8th January.

Paige Thorne and Adam Collard split after two months together
Paige Thorne and Adam Collard split after two months together. Picture: Getty
Paige Thorne said she's 'happy' being single
Paige Thorne said she's 'happy' being single. Picture: Paige Thorne/Instagram

She started off by saying she wouldn't 'bash' him as it wasn't fair, but recalled their conversations before they decided to go their separate ways, making the decision after he jetted off to Bali.

She told her fans: "I'm not going to bash him by any means because I think he had a really hard time when our breakup came out. I'm not going to add to that because I don't think it's fair. But obviously everyone was aware of the pictures of him with his arm around other girls at nightclubs or whatever, on his PAs.

"I was willing to put them behind me and move on because at the end of the day it is just an arm around [someone], I can get over that."

Paige went on: "But then I was getting sent more videos of him on nights out that didn't go viral and they really were shady and that's not a relationship I want to be in."

Love Island's Paige and Adam were together for two months
Love Island's Paige and Adam were together for two months. Picture: ITV2
Adam Collard was in Bali when he and Paige Thorne split
Adam Collard was in Bali when he and Paige Thorne split. Picture: Adam Collard/Instagram

The reality star said they disagreed over their views on the relationship, with her stating she didn't want a boyfriend who was 'accessible' to anyone else.

She added: "I want to be 100% certain my guy is about me and isn't accessible to anyone else. So it wasn't something we could agree on. He went to Bali and it broke down from there.

"I text him like, 'this is done, this isn't working. It's clear that something has shifted between us.' And there was no fight for it, it was just obvious that's the way the relationship was headed."

Paige insisted there's no hard feelings between them and that they're both happy in their respective lives.

"No bad blood," she added. "We were together for, what, two months? But I'm happy, he's happy."

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