Are Lucinda Light And Timothy Smith From MAFS Australia Still Together?

12 April 2024, 17:06 | Updated: 12 April 2024, 17:25

MAFS Australia's Lucinda and Timothy smiling and cuddling
MAFS Australia's Lucinda and Timothy have struggled to find a mutual connection. Picture: Channel Nine/ Instagram: @lucindaslight

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia contestants Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith have reached a crucial point in their relationship - so have they managed to stay together? Or have they broken up?

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Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light are weeks into the Married At First Sight Australia experiment and yet despite the obvious reasons the experts matched them together, things between the two have been as slow a burn as ever.

Lucinda’s easygoing, spiritual and sensual energy seemed to be in perfect harmony with Timothy’s outgoing nature. While personality-wise, they may have seemed to be a match on paper, Timothy's trauma has kept his walls up and made it difficult for Lucinda to connect emotionally and physically.

The bride's never-ending patience with her husband who's struggled with intimacy, deep conversations and matching her energy has left everyone asking, are they still together now? Or have they split?

Here's everything we know about whether MAFS Australia’s Lucinda and Timothy still married now. Spoilers ahead.

Lucinda’s easygoing energy seemed to be perfect for Timothy’s outgoing nature.
Lucinda’s easygoing energy seemed to be perfect for Timothy’s outgoing nature. Picture: Channel Nine

Are MAFS Australia couple Lucinda and Timothy still together?

MAFS Australia’s Lucinda and Timothy are no longer together, in fact, the pair don't even make it to Final Vows in the experiment.

It was reported that Timothy is seeing fellow contestant Andrea, who was initially paired with Richard in the experiment.

A video has circulated, that was taken by Andrea and then posted on a Married At First Sight gossip Instagram page.

In the video, Andrea was on the couch with her daughter watching the Final Vows episodes that had just aired in Australia.

“We’re watching Jack and Tori’s final vows, Indi and I,” Andrea said before she panned the camera to reveal Timothy asleep on her couch.

“With Timmy,” she said, “And, he’s so into it he’s fallen asleep. He’s that bored.”

MAFS' Timothy was seen sleeping over at Andrea's place
MAFS' Timothy was seen sleeping over at Andrea's place. Picture: Instagram: @mafsgossip

However Andrea has now spoken out to put any rumours to rest, she clarified to New Idea, that she and Timothy are just “beautiful friends.”

“There's nothing romantic there,” she said. “I adore him, and he adores me." According to Andrea, Timothy had been “a rock” and making friends had been “the best part of the experiment.”

“The people with kind hearts found each other in the experiment which has been really special,” she finalised.

Chattr spoke to a supposed ‘close friend of Andrea’s’ who revealed that she was dating someone new after she and Richard called it quits.

Not only that, but the source revealed that fans “would be familiar with this person.”

During Lucinda and Timothy's final Commitment Ceremony, the pair thanked each other for their support and even left the future of the relationship open-ended, vaguely suggesting they may get back together in the future.

On Instagram, Lucinda posted a photo of the two of them, captioning "Dear Timbo, That’s a wrap! What a blast! What I adore most about you Tim is your ability to bring laughter to those around you, even amidst your own pain and loss."Your bravery throughout our time together has been awesome! You opened up your vulnerable side, showing men everywhere that it's not okay to bottle it up!

"Despite your "Tin Man" facade, I see the enormous heart you carry. I'm incredibly proud of you, and I'm sure your mum Varee and brother Dave would be too, looking down on you from up above.

"You've shown true courage and authenticity & you’re a legend. Too many men suffer in silence, and it's time we changed that paradigm. We need to celebrate men who are open-hearted and willing to show their emotions. That’s the new SEXY!"

Also, in a long since-deleted Instagram post, Yahoo! Lifestyle managed to get screenshots of a comment Lucinda left on one of Timothy’s posts that definitely confirmed they broke up after the show.

Under a photo of Timothy posing in a black t-shirt, Lucinda reportedly went ahead and commented “my hunky ex.”

Public outings have some fans convinced that Lucinda and Timothy are still together.
Public outings have some fans convinced that Lucinda and Timothy are still together. Picture: Channel Nine

However, the actual post was deleted around the same time the reality stars' Instagram accounts were taken over by the show’s management teams.

While she may have only been a friend, the pair left in the same car that day and according to Yahoo! Lifestyle it was “unclear if they were on a date”.

However, it does seem like Lucinda and Timothy have been able to maintain a strong friendship, with some believing they could have actually worked through their struggles and stayed together, after being spotted together multiple times since the show wrapped up.

This theory is supported by an insider who told So Dramatic that the two aren't dating following the show but insists they have remained the "best of friends".

They spilt: “They catch up all the time for dinner, at least once a week, enjoy each other’s company and hang out as much as they can. They also speak on the phone daily, and Timothy confides in Lucinda a lot.”

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