MAFS' Andrea Reveals Truth About Wife Swap Rumours With Timothy

5 April 2024, 10:29 | Updated: 5 April 2024, 10:35

MAFS' Andrea and Timothy were rumoured to be dating
MAFS' Andrea and Timothy were rumoured to be dating. Picture: Channel Nine/Instagram: @andreathompson_andie

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia’s Andrea Thompson has spoken out about the rumours that she and Timothy Smith have been dating since the show ended. So are they together? Here's what she's said.

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Fans of Married At First Sight Australia have been obsessed with the rumours that swirled saying contestants Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith had started dating one another.

The experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken initially paired Andrea with Richard Sauerman and Timothy was paired with fan-favourite contestant, Lucinda Light.

The rumours between Andrea and Timothy began when the pair were seen “spending an increasing amount of time together” according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

These compounded when a video of Andrea, her daughter and Timothy watching the Final Vows together on a couch was circulated.

MAFS' Timothy was seen sleeping over at Andrea's place
MAFS' Timothy was seen sleeping over at Andrea's place. Picture: Instagram: @mafsgossip

Are Timothy and Andrea dating?

Andrea has now spoken out to put any rumours to rest, she clarified to New Idea, that she and Timothy are just “beautiful friends.”

“There's nothing romantic there,” she said. “I adore him, and he adores me." According to Andrea, Timothy had been “a rock” and making friends had been “the best part of the experiment.”

“The people with kind hearts found each other in the experiment which has been really special,” she finalised.

Andrea was initially paired with Richard on MAFS Australia 2024
Andrea was initially paired with Richard on MAFS Australia 2024. Picture: Channel Nine

But what did Andrea’s ex-Richard think of the whole rumour mill? After speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle on a different occasion, he shared his thoughts on the speculation.

"I'd be extremely surprised if this was the case. But hey, life is full of surprises," he told the publication.

But dare we say, it’s not over yet. Even though Andrea has now clarified that she and Timothy are just friends, Timothy always reiterated on the MAFS that he was a ‘slow burn’ and needed a friendship in place first before a romantic relationship could evolve.

Lucinda and Andrea are also very close friends which was revealed after Lucinda posted a heartfelt Instagram post that read “I changed my flight to Byron Bay right after leaving the experiment and headed straight to Andi’s place on the Sunshine Coast,” the post began.

“What an amazing time we had, talking day and night, dining, going to the beach, doing our hair, giggling, and just being silly soul sisters.”

“Andi has been there for me since the hen’s night, and I adore her! Andi, you’re incredibly beautiful, both inside and out! You’re quirky, kind and a creative soul, just my type of sweetheart.”

“Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful boho beach shack and embracing me with open arms, angel,” Lucinda finished.

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