Who Is MAFS Australia’s Lucinda Light? Real Name, Age, Job And More

13 March 2024, 18:45

Lucinda Light is a fan favourite on Married At First Sight Australia 2024
Lucinda Light is a fan favourite on Married At First Sight Australia 2024. Picture: Channel Nine/ Instagram: @lucindaslight

By Tiasha Debray

Lucinda Light is one of the most iconic people to come out of MAFS Australia, but who is she? From her real name, age and job to her past. Here’s what you need to know.

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Married At First Sight Australia’s Lucinda Light has been applauded by viewers for her patience, kindness and cheeky sense of humour.

The Byron Bay local was paired up with Timothy Smith by the experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken, and whilst their relationship had been a slow burn, it feels like it’s going to be worth it in the long run.

Lucinda's mystical personality made her seem like someone who had lived a full life with a very colourful dating history, “I've had a pretty colourful relationship background, eight relationships. I've dated a woman... I've given polyamorous relationships a go, I've tried it all,” she told 9Entertainment.

But that’s not all, the woman also has a sultry past and a fake name which has us needing to know more! Who is Lucinda Light? What’s her real name, what does Lucinda do for a living, and what did she do in the past?

Lucinda Light was paired up with Timothy Smith by the experts
Lucinda Light was paired up with Timothy Smith by the experts. Picture: Channel Nine

What is MAFS’ Lucinda’s real name?

Lucinda Light’s real name is actually Lucinda Reilly. The MAFS star registered ‘Lucinda Light’ as a business name in 2019 with the Australia Business Register.

She’s been using the ‘stage name’ of sorts to build a stronger brand, especially with the line of work that she’s in and when speaking to The Daily Mail, Lucinda revealed that she’d been using the name for over 10 years.

“I don't even really see it as a stage name; that's the name that resonates with my soul,” she said. “I'm a performer, I'm an entertainer, I put stage shows on. I'm a celebrant. I'm an MC, and Lucinda means light actually, so it's just light.”

Lucinda Light’s real name is actually Lucinda Reilly
Lucinda Light’s real name is actually Lucinda Reilly. Picture: Channel Nine

What does Lucinda from MAFS do for a living?

Lucinda’s day job outside of Married At First Sight is being a marriage celebrant and MC. She could probably get a job with the show itself after this season with the way she's going.

On top of that, she runs her own speed dating company called Soulful Speed Dating which has been running since 2017.

The modern-day cupid’s dating events seem to be a hit with her customers as one left a review on her website, writing, “Lucinda’s ‘anything is possible' saucy energy disarms, invites and illuminates our own desire and inner light. I would definitely recommend her events and appreciate her ability to read a room.”

If that wasn’t enough, Lucinda has also openly spoken about her work in sexual liberation on the show itself, where she said, “I host tantric, sexual festivals. I've been MCing tantric workshops for years and years.” She is referring to the Taste of Love festival which runs in NSW, Australia for anyone who wants a first-hand experience of Lucinda’s energy.

MAFS' Lucinda hosted tantric, sexual festivals
MAFS' Lucinda hosted tantric, sexual festivals. Picture: Instagram/@lucindaslight

How old is Lucinda on MAFS Australia?

Yes, Lucinda is really 43 years old, one of the older brides on Married At First Sight Australia this year compared to the rest of the cast.

This season in particular has been heralded as the most diverse when it comes to age, with Mel Schilling speaking to Digital Spy on the topic "It would really pay to have more of that representation so that some of those older midlife viewers can see themselves reflected back."

What is MAFS’ Lucinda’s past?

Completely in character for Lucinda, the tantric instructor used to work at a burlesque house in Byron Bay called Secret Cabaret Society where her title was ‘Madam of the House.’

The website reads, “Join our 1920s Secret Cabaret Society, an immersive restaurant experience for our esteemed guests… You’ll be in for the most spiffy time where the Madam of the House welcomes you into her Tavern of Love”.

Lucinda looked like she had a lot of fun during her time in the Secret Cabaret Society and honestly? We’re just laughing imagining Timothy’s face if he was ever in the audience of one of their shows.

MAFS' Timothy is an entertaining balance to Lucinda's energy
MAFS' Timothy is an entertaining balance to Lucinda's energy. Picture: Channel Nine

Is MAFS’ Lucinda’s voice real?

There have been a lot of rumours on the internet that Lucinda’s putting on a voice or faking her accent, however in an interview with Daily Mail Australia, she set the record straight.

“I'm just me. My mantra through all of this was to be absolutely, authentically me.”

“[People online say] she's an actress. She's a fraud. She's a fake. She is not the real deal and all of that sort of stuff. You know, her voice is put on.”

“I am who I am because of my wild life experience, from theatre to traveling the world, to having entrepreneurial businesses, to having an amazing supportive family, to all the things, you know, that I've done has culminated for me to be who I am.”

So there you have it, the dulcet tones of Lucinda are 100% real and if you have the patience to scroll back a few years on her Instagram, you can see for yourself that she’s always spoken like that.

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