MAFS’ Jayden Made A ‘Game Plan’ For The Show With Brother and Ex-Contestant Mitch

4 April 2024, 10:25

MAFS Jayden Eynaud was paired with Eden Harper by the experts in 2024
MAFS Jayden Eynaud was paired with Eden Harper by the experts in 2024. Picture: Channel Nine/Instagram: @mnaud__

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia’s Jayden is one of the more popular contestants on the show but is it all an act? His brother and ex-contestant Mitch Eynaud may have been coaching him through a ‘game plan’ the entire time.

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It’s hard to let your guard down if you've watched Married At First Sight Australia because the minute you began liking one of the contestants, all hell broke loose and Jayden Eynaud was no exception.

The experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken paired Jayden up with Eden Harper and the pair seemed to make a really good match.

Other than the bump in the road they experienced when Jayden confessed his horrible secret about his ex in Confessions Week, the pair have been pretty smooth sailing.

But has it all been an act? According to the So Dramatic! Podcast, word on the street is that Jayden got coached by his brother Mitch Eynaud on how to appear and act, as they followed a ‘game plan’ the pair concocted before filming began.

MAFS Mitch Eynaud and Ella Ding were paired by the experts in 2022
MAFS Mitch Eynaud and Ella Ding were paired by the experts in 2022. Picture: Channel Nine

Mitch starred in the 2022 season of MAFS Australia where he was paired up with Ella Ding. Much like Eden and Jayden in 2024, Mitch and Ella seemed to cruise through the experiment with few issues until Mitch suddenly ended things between them at their final vows.

The podcast supposedly spoke to a fellow 2024 cast member from MAFS who kept their identity anonymous. According to the podcast’s source, Mitch had taken what he learnt from his season on the show and created a ‘game plan’ for his brother.

“Mitch told Jayden everything before the show including what to do and what not to do,” the cast member claimed.

According to them, Jayden would spend time daily on the phone with his brother, “Jayden went in with a full game plan. He was on the phone with Mitch every day debriefing with him and getting advice on what to do and how to handle things that arose to make sure he came off the show looking good.”

Mitch has supposedly been 'coaching' Jayden through MAFS 2024
Mitch has supposedly been 'coaching' Jayden through MAFS 2024. Picture: Instagram: @mnaud__

Allegedly, this cast member went on to say that because Mitch had already been on the experiment he “knows how it works and how to manipulate producers and get a positive portrayal on the show.”

They also claimed that Jayden took “all of Mitch’s advice on board in terms of what he wished he didn’t do, what he saw others do and how it all works.”

Jayden had been getting a pretty good edit, he’d been portrayed as a doting, loving partner who was catering to Eden’s every need.

But according to this source, none of it was real. The cast member told the podcast host that Jayden was “putting on an act” and was “on his best behaviour to look good.”

As a final blow, the source also claimed Jayden had only decided to join the show because he wanted to grow a social media following to help sell tickets to his kickboxing matches.

It sounds like this cast member has a real bone to pick with Jayden… and we’re side-eyeing Timothy right now because he’s the only one who’s gotten into some epic fights with the kickboxer.

But regardless of who it was that spoke to the podcast, they weren’t the only ones saying that sort of stuff. A second cast member went on So Dramatic! and claimed that Jayden was “so fake on the show” and said it was “all a persona” and that Jayden was “nothing like” how he’s being portrayed, in real life.

MAFS' Jayden and Eden are reportedly still together to this day
MAFS' Jayden and Eden are reportedly still together to this day. Picture: Channel Nine

Not great news if you were harbouring a secret crush on the long-haired Fabio-inspired fighter, “unfortunately a lot of the cast fell for it,” the second source said, as they claimed that Jayden had even spoken to other cast members about how Mitch was “essentially coaching him” on how to behave for the show.

“He only tried to stay with Eden to look good, just as Mitch did with Ella,” they said. “He’s no different to his brother.”

Yikes, only time will tell. But from what we can see, Jayden and Ella are one of the very few cast members who still seem to be together after the show. You can check out the full list here.

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