MAFS’ Timothy Has A Surprising Reality Television Past

3 April 2024, 16:00

MAFS Timothy had appeared in another reality show in the past
MAFS Timothy had appeared in another reality show in the past. Picture: Channel Nine/ Instagram: @timsmith_melbourne

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia’s Timothy Smith captured the hearts of viewers around the world, but would it surprise you to know he has also appeared in another TV show, almost a decade ago?

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Married At First Sight Australia’s Timothy Smith has been found out! Footage has emerged of the reality show contestant appearing in another show over 10 years ago.

The experts Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken paired Timothy with Lucinda Light in the 2024 season of MAFS and whilst their relationship has been the slowest burn to ever burn, something beautiful and genuine has grown between them.

However, now his reputation for being genuine has been put to the test because he has a history of being on television.

But we have to admit, on-camera experience can hardly be called a rare thing when it comes to Married At First Sight, with this season’s contestants Collins and Madeleine both having had a history in modelling and acting themselves.

Lucinda Light was paired up with Timothy Smith by the experts
Lucinda Light was paired up with Timothy Smith by the experts. Picture: Channel Nine

MAFS fan account 'MAFSUncensored' shared a clip of Timothy when he appeared on a reality show called The Liquidator in 2013. The Canadian series starred Jeff Schwarz, a man who made a living flipping collectables and furniture.

In the episode in question, Timothy and a woman named Collette were seen haggling with Jeff over the purchase of a giant polar bear statue.

"We've just opened up a restaurant," Collette said in the video. Timothy used to own a restaurant in Vancouver called Koala Kebabs which sadly shut down before he moved back to Australia.

Timothy confirmed with Jeff that he wanted to buy the polar bear statue, to somehow craft it to look like a koala bear which would suit his restaurant.

MAFS' Timothy has found it difficult to let his walls down on the show
MAFS' Timothy has found it difficult to let his walls down on the show. Picture: Channel Nine

In the clip, Jeff initially priced the bear at $1,150 despite only having purchased it for $350, but we know Timothy a little better than that now.

The stubborn man haggled the best he could with Jeff and managed to get the bear down to $700. “I don't think I got a good deal, but I think I got a deal,” Timothy told the cameras later in the episode.

Whilst on MAFS, Timothy had talked about his previous relationship which ended six years ago, but what the show has failed to cover was that Timothy was married once when he was just 19 years old.

According to the So Dramatic podcast, Timothy met his first ex-wife, a Canadian woman in Vancouver. The pair originally moved to Queensland Australia to live, but after getting homesick, his partner took Timothy back to Vancouver to settle, but not before marrying him so he could also reside there.

Getting married at 19 years old and then staying married for over seven years, the pair eventually got divorced for ‘cultural reasons’ according to the podcast.

Timothy’s ex was an East Indian woman whose parents reportedly did not approve of their union.

Despite the divorce, the exes are supposedly on "good terms" and considered themselves friends as they'd stay in touch.

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