MAFS’ Madeleine Maxwell Is Really Famous: Here's Why You Might Recognise Her

22 March 2024, 15:24

Madeleine Maxwell is an accomplished actor in Australia
Madeleine Maxwell is an accomplished actor in Australia. Picture: Channel Nine/Channel 7

MAFS Australia’s Madeleine’s kooky personality has won her fans, but where have we seen her before? From Home & Away to hit Australian shows, here’s why Madeleine is actually famous.

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Married At First Sight Australia’s Madeleine Maxwell joined the reality show halfway through as an intruder alongside Michael & Stephen, Ridge and Jade as well as her own on-screen husband Ash Galati.

She and Ash were paired together by the experts Alessandra Rampolla, John Aiken and Mel Schilling but it soon became apparent at their wedding that Madeleine was not like other girls.

Despite meeting for the first time down the aisle, Madeleine told Ash she 'loved him' but somehow also managed to get 'bad vibes' from him through her ‘psychic downloads’.

As odd as she was, many fans took to the internet to express their familiarity with her face. That’s because Madeleine has a decade-long history in the film and television industry in Australia and has acted in some big projects in her time.

So what has she been in? From Home and Away to Wentworth, here’s why Madeleine is famous.

Madeleine has appeared in 55 episodes of Home and Away
Madeleine has appeared in 55 episodes of Home and Away. Picture: Channel 7

Who did Madeleine from MAFS play in Home and Away?

MAFS Australia’s 2024 bride Madeleine Maxwell played Nurse Amber Simmons on Home and Away between 2020 to 2021.

The MAFS bride’s character was in over 50 episodes of the show and was even written into an integral part of the plot. Her character had short red hair rather than long blonde hair she sported on the reality show.

Madeleine’s character arrived in Summer Bay in search of John Palmer, however, she had a secret plan the entire time. Amber wanted to get back together with her ex-boyfriend Dean Thompson with whom she also shared a child named Jai Simmons.

Madeleine played the role of Nurse Amber Simmons
Madeleine played the role of Nurse Amber Simmons. Picture: Channel 7

Madeleine spoke to New Idea about her experience on the famous set of Home and Away, “We’re all like a big family… Sam Frost is beautiful – she’s one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met, and has made my experience of joining the show so easy…Honestly, everyone is divine and we have drinks sometimes and chat. We’re all very close.”

What’s interesting about Madeleine’s time on the soap is that she does not appear to talk about it at all on MAFS!

A source speaking to the So Dramatic! Podcast revealed, “At her wedding, none of her friends or family would talk about the fact that she was an actor. Some of us spoke to them, and they just kept saying she was a psychic medium.”

“Her bridesmaid’s speech was a glowing resume about all of her life achievements. But didn’t once mention that she was on 55 episodes of Home and Away and is an accomplished actor. Why wouldn’t you mention that? It was very bizarre and suss.”

Bizarre indeed.

The experts paired Madeleine Maxwell with Ash Galati on MAFS Australia 2024
The experts paired Madeleine Maxwell with Ash Galati on MAFS Australia 2024. Picture: Channel Nine

What TV shows has MAFS’ Madeleine been in?

MAFS’ Madeleine wasn't just an ‘I did a hair commercial once’ type of actress, she’s appeared in over 155 episodes of Australian television across a number of different shows.

Not including Home and Away, Madeleine has scored roles in hit Australian TV shows such as Upper Middle Bogan and Wentworth Prison which has won several AACTA awards.

Not only that but in 2023 Madeleine also jumped onto another reality show, this time a game show, choosing to put her knowledge to the test on Millionaire Hot Seat, Australia’s variation of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Madeleine chose to leave in the first committment ceremony the pair attended
Madeleine chose to leave in the first committment ceremony the pair attended. Picture: Channel Nine

Unfortunately, she won no cash that day, perhaps that’s when she applied for MAFS Australia?

Speaking to Daily Star, the actress and reality star opened up to why she decided to leave acting behind her and pursue psychic medium work.

Madeleine explained: "I love acting. I think it’s so fun and cool, but I took a break because it’s my path, I guess."

Reportedly Madeleine’s career shifted after a life-altering ayahuasca experience. The South American hallucinogenic brew helped her connect with the spirit world and since then, she’s pursued work as a medium.

But if you liked what you saw on MAFS or if you recognised her from Home and Away, then here is some of her other work that you can check out.

  • Home And Away (TV Series) 2020-2021
  • The inBESTigators (TV Series) 2019
  • My Life Is Murder (TV Series) 2019
  • Wentworth (TV Series) 2016 - 2018
  • Get Krack!n (TV Series) 2017
  • True Story with Hamish & Andy (TV Series) 2017
  • Upper Middle Bogan (TV Series) 2013 - 2016
  • Anzac Girls (TV Series) 2014
  • The Boy Who Had No Thumbs (Short) 2014
  • Offspring (TV Series) 2013
  • Danger 5 (TV Series) 2012

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