Two MAFS UK Exes Spark Rumours They're Back Together

21 March 2024, 10:44 | Updated: 21 March 2024, 11:29

Laura and Arthur were paired together by the experts in MAFS UK series 8
Laura and Arthur were paired together by the experts in MAFS UK series 8. Picture: E4/Instagram: @laurajayvaughan

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight UK's Laura Vaughan and Arthur Poremba have been spotted in each other’s arms but does that mean the ex couple are getting back together?

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When a couple from Married At First Sight breaks up during the show, no one blinks an eye, but when that same couple have started rumours that they may be back together? That’s when we begin to pay attention.

MAFS UK exes Laura Vaughan and Arthur Poremba did not leave the social experiment hand in hand, rather they decided to break things off during their Final Vows ceremony.

But they’ve now been spotted in some very cosy pictures together that have fans second guessing everything they thought they knew about the couple.

The pair had reportedly not seen each other in months but a reunion was in the cards as they both attended the Celebrity Ex On The Beach launch party on the 18th of March.

MAFS UK exes Laura and Arthur did not leave the social experiment hand in hand
MAFS UK exes Laura and Arthur did not leave the social experiment hand in hand. Picture: Instagram: @laurajayvaughan

The pair were not shy as they shared how chuffed they were to see each other, both uploaded photos on their Instagram stories of the two of them looking, well, quite loved up.

On her own socials, Laura shared a boomerang video of herself and Arthur with the text reading, "Reunited with my ex husband".

She then additionally shared another photo where they definitely looked like they were comfortable with one another, and on this one she added text that read, "Good vibes only".

On Arthur’s own socials, he also shared a similar photo of the pair and simply wrote, "Always good to see this one".

MAFS Laura and Arthur were seen at the Celebrity Ex On The Beach launch party
MAFS Laura and Arthur were seen at the Celebrity Ex On The Beach launch party. Picture: Instagram: @laurajayvaughan

Whilst it’s exactly scandalous behaviour, there’s a certain intimacy in the photos that can’t be ignored. But if Arthur and Laura do end up getting back together, their fans will be incredibly surprised, because in their season, Laura didn’t end things on a good note.

In fact, people would call what she did something of a brutal dumping where in her vows she told him "I know we've grown as individuals in this process, but the more I grow as a person the more I grow apart from you."

"I have to be honest and say I’ve been troubled by a nagging doubt. I feel that I’ve carried this relationship forward by myself and worried that I’ve lost myself in the process," she explained to Arthur.

"I've always been a fixer, but I've realised this relationship is something that can't be fixed… You helped me realise what I don't want and I'm going to give you this [wedding ring] back, but thank you for making me realise who I am.”

Can Arthur really go back from “You’ve helped me realise what I don’t want”?

We’re not sure, but at the time, Arthur felt hurt and blindsided when he said on the show that he "didn't see it coming".

However all's well that ends well and after some time apart, it seemed Arthur had managed to look at the experience as a life lesson and he even managed to thank Laura for her part in it all.

He wrote on social media, "Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened… Thank you for what’s probably going to be one of the best experiences of my humble life."

"Thank all the crew and cast members but most importantly Laura for putting up with me behind closed doors -I’ve said and done so many things that didn’t even make the edit!"

Married At First Sight UK reunion trailer

Whilst Arthur claimed everything was well and good, for some reason he never turned up to the MAFS UK reunion and when The Tab revealed that his co-stars had joked about him being too “hungover” to show up, Arthur simply said, "Something like that, yeah."

But was that convincing enough for the fans? Laura told the same publication that the pair remained in touch as friends, “We are great. We talk daily. Whether it’s voice notes, phone calls, texts. We quite often will message each other whilst watching an episode.”

“Now that we’re in a friendship, we support each other and it’s not a struggle,” she continued, but we can’t help but feel like there’s more to explore there for the two of them.

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