What Does Collins From MAFS Australia Do For A Living?

12 March 2024, 12:01 | Updated: 12 March 2024, 12:15

Collins Christian has under fire for coming across as 'fake' on MAFS Australia
Collins Christian has under fire for coming across as 'fake' on MAFS Australia. Picture: Channel Nine

By Tiasha Debray

Viewers have been calling him fake and asking whether Married At First Sight Australia’s Collins is there for the right reasons. But is he actually an actor?

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Warning: Show spoilers ahead!

Married At First Sight Australia’s Collins Christian has been getting an unfortunate edit on the show.

Whilst the experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken believed his dorkiness would perfectly compliment his on-screen wife Natalie’s nerdiness, the pair just couldn’t make it work.

After Natalie wrote to leave during their first Commitment Ceremony and Collins chose stay, the pair were expected to stay on. However, Natalie ended up walking out of the show less than 24 hours later.

Speaking candidly on an Australia breakfast radio show, Collins explained why he was portrayed on the show the way he was and even revealed whether he’s a working actor or not. So, what does Collins from MAFS do for a living? Read on to find out.

Natalie wrote 'leave' during their first Commitment Ceremony
Natalie wrote 'leave' during their first Commitment Ceremony. Picture: Channel Nine

What does Collins Christian from MAFS do for a living?

Collins works for the state government as an executive assistant and lives in Sydney. His role will likely include office management, making travel arrangements and organising reports.

However, despite his 'normal' job, he's been plagued with accusations from MAFS viewers that he's an actor after taking on television commercials and small roles earlier on in his life. We've got more on that below.

MAFS' Collins and Natalie on their wedding day
MAFS' Collins and Natalie on their wedding day. Picture: Channel Nine

Is Collins from MAFS Australia an actor?

Collins works as an executive assistant for the Australian government, however when speaking to Australian breakfast radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, the jocks wasted no time in directly asking Collins whether he was hired as an actor for Married At First Sight.

“I am not a planted actor, let me get that straight…. I’m not an actor, I’m not anything, I’m well aware I do come across a bit…” Collins confessed on air.

Viewers of the reality TV show became suspicious of Collins being an actor because of his demeanour on the show. He even admitted to the radio hosts that he knew he was “coming across as fake, dismissive, [and] not there for the right reasons.”

“What came across is I can’t even put a coherent sentence together,” Collins went on to say, “There’s no training wheels when you go into this, you’ve never done any media or anything before. And then you go straight into it. Cameras, everything.”

Viewers became suspicious of Collins being a planted actor on the show
Viewers became suspicious of Collins being a planted actor on the show. Picture: Channel Nine

After the show went to air in Australia, fans found footage of Collins starring in an Ashley & Martin hair loss commercial and immediately alarm bells rang.

However, the radio host sympathised with the reality star, backing him as he said “Some people are accusing you because you did a commercial once, they’re claiming 'Oh you’re an actor!' But many people have done the odd commercial here or there,” to which Collin vehemently agreed as he exclaimed, “Exactly!”

However, despite all the criticism he received from his short stint on the show, Collins has shown a lot of grace and understanding for why the audiences have judged him in the way they have been.

“If I didn’t know who I was and I was watching what I saw, what all of you saw, and what the audience had said, honestly, ummm… I can’t fault with what the audience have said… I’m taking a beating,” he responded when asked whether he’d been portrayed accurately on screen.

But Collins also shared why he came across so stilted and inarticulate on the show.

He revealed that behind the scenes, both he and Natalie had to take breaks from filming for days at a time, whilst she dealt with the grief she was experiencing from losing her father five weeks before filming began.

These breaks in filming created a uniquely jarring experience for him that other contestants didn't have to go through, which may explain why he came across so ingenuine on camera in comparison.

“That's probably where the acting bit came from because for three, four days there's been no filming, and then they come back to resume and I really just felt like I hit resume… Let's do MAFS type of thing,” he explained.

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