Who Is MAFS Australia's Jayden's Brother Mitch?

11 March 2024, 16:12

The Australian brothers have both taken part in the MAFS experiment
The Australian brothers have both taken part in the MAFS experiment. Picture: Instagram @mnaud__

By Abbie Reynolds

Who is Jayden's brother Mitch from Married at First Sight Australia? Here's why you recognise him.

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Married at First Sight Australia has us all glued to our TV's at 7.30pm Monday-Thursday and some of you keen viewers may have seen that 26-year-old groom Jayden Eynaud has a family connection to the show.

His older brother Mitch Eynaud is a former MAFS cast member who was on season 9 of the show in 2022. But after his brother had a pretty rocky journey on the show, Jayden has insisted that he and Mitch are nothing alike.

While Jayden was trying on suits for his blind wedding his brother said the experience felt "nostalgic" as she thought back to his time on the show.

Mitch said: "I didn’t trust the experiment. I wish I’d trusted it now, a little bit more, and to open up and be myself. That I regret. I wish I’d poured my heart out and been more honest.”

So, what happened on Mitch's series of MAFS and did his marriage work out? Here's what went down on season 9 of Married at First Sight Australia.

Jayden from MAFS 2024 revealed his family tie to the show
Jayden from MAFS 2024 revealed his family tie to the show. Picture: Nine

What happened when Mitch Eynaud was on MAFS Australia?

Mitch was on season nine of Married at First Sight Australia where he was matched by the experts to bride Ella Ding.

Are Mitch and Ella from MAFS still together?

No. While on the show their romance had some highs and lows with the pair ultimately splitting after Mitch dumped Ella in his final vows.

However, some time after the final vows the pair reconciled and made it official, announcing the news of their relationship at the show's reunion. But unfortunately not long after they split again - and it wasn't a clean break up.

Pictures of Mitch with another bride, Tamara Djordjevic, surfaced alongside claims that they had been in a secret relationship prior to the show filming.

At the final dinner party, Tamara had been confronted about texting Mitch ahead of exchanging final vows with her husband, Brent Vitiello which ultimately led to the end of their marriage.

Mitch married Ella on Married at First Sight
Mitch married Ella on Married at First Sight. Picture: Nine

Since filming MAFS, bride Ella has been pretty adamant that Mitch had relations with Tamara, as she said on Australian radio show Allan & Carly: "The word is that they are together, and they have been for a while. That's what we've all been told.

"I mean, it would make sense if they were kind of something this whole time, because no wonder Mitch wasn't committed... it would make sense."

When they first broke up they went back and forth at each other on socials but since then the pair have put their differences aside and made up. Ella said: "Mitch and I went through a f***king crazy time and I went on platforms and I really tried to bring him down, I was upset, it was coming from a place of hurt.

Mitch watched his brother get married on MAFS Australia
Mitch watched his brother get married on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

She explained: "We both vented and that's a part of healing… it's a part of moving on... In a way it could've been a form of closure for both of us."

Speaking about the relationship they have now, she added: “It doesn’t mean that we’re best friends, it doesn’t mean we are in love … it doesn’t mean anything.

"It’s just two friends catching up who shared an amazing experience together, who went through a tough time and wanted to catch up.”

Who is Mitch Eynaud from MAFS dating now?

Despite the Mitch and Tamara dating speculation the pair have not come out to say that they are dating.

Both of the MAFS cast members post regularly on their socials and neither show them with a partner - so for now we have no intel into who Mitch is dating, if he is dating anyone at all.

However, his MAFS bride Ella has found love and got engaged to boyfriend Guy Palerm in Feburary 2023.

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