Ovie Soko Breaks Down Over George Rains' Love Island Dumping & It's Too Sad For Words

10 July 2019, 16:11

Ovie Soko breaks down over George Rains dumping
Ovie Soko breaks down over George Rains dumping. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

Ovie Soko broke down as his best and 'only' friend in the Love Island villa was dumped and viewers couldn't handle seeing him so upset.

Love Island's Ovie had the nation all kinds of emotional during Tuesday's episode when he broke down over the dumping of his 'only mate' in the villa, George Rains and feeling guilty for playing a part in his departure from the show.

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The islanders were forced to decide amongst themselves who which couple would be next to leave the villa, and it was between Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard, or Lucie and George.

We saw Anna and Ovie debate who they would vote to dump from the island, with Anna getting the final say in saving Curtis & Amy, leaving Ovie distraught at the decision, seeing it as an act of betrayal to his 'only friend' in the villa.

The pair met when they were dropped into Casa Amor to meet the original islanders and quickly became best friends, but as he and Lucie didn't hit things off, they were chosen to be dumped.

Fans and former islanders alike took to Twitter to to express their devastation at seeing Ovie so upset, and honestly, same.

Dr Alex tweeted "Ovie crying give the guy a hug" and another wrote "Ovie crying over George...what a sweetheart."

Ever since being in the villa, people have grown to love him so much that they want him to get to the final and win the £50k all to himself!

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