Love Island Fans Spotted A McFlurry in The Villa Fridge & Have A Lot Of Questions

23 July 2019, 10:57

McDonalds McFlurry spotted in the Love Island villa
McDonalds McFlurry spotted in the Love Island villa. Picture: ITV2

Fans of the ITV2 reality show were scratching their heads after spotting a McDonalds McFlurry in the Love Island villa fridge.

Love Island viewers were left with a lot of questions after last night's episode after it was pointed out on Twitter that there was a McFlurry in the fridge.

There has always been an interest in what happens off-camera however the thought of Ovie walking into a McDonalds to order a McFlurry is enough to make a Love Island fan lose their mind.

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A McFlurry was spotted in the Love Island fridge
A McFlurry was spotted in the Love Island fridge. Picture: ITV2

One fan had an entire theory that the show is pre-recorded purely over the fact that the ice cream had a Monopoly sticker on it, she wrote - "OMG love island is pre-recorded, one the islanders have a McFlurry in the freezer which mean they get to eat McDonald’s, and two the McFlurry has the monopoly sticker on it and the McDonald’s monopoly ended in may."

Another tweeted her confusion over whether the Islanders are allowed out of the villa at the weekend... how else would a McFlurry make it into the fridge?!

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Twitter saw a flurry of tweets about the McDonalds dessert, most of which were utter confusion and others were questions upon questions.

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