WATCH: Gabby Allen Discovered Marcel Somerville's Cheating On Instagram & Says She'll 'Never Trust Again'

20 August 2018, 12:06

Gabby Allen opened up on Celebrity Big Brother about discovering her Love Island ex Marcel Somerville had cheated on her when the girl in question messaged her on Instagram with screenshots of their explicit messages.

Love Island's Gabby Allen has spoken candidly about how she discovered Marcel Somerville had been cheating on her whilst appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, admitting she feels she'll 'never trust anyone again'.

Gabby Allen Reveals Ex Marcel Somerville 'Disappeared' & Admitted His Cheating Through Tabloids

It first emerged that Marcel had cheated on Gabby when messages exchanged whilst the pair were on a romantic getaway in Mexico were leaked to the press which revealed Marcel had slept with another woman on holiday, telling her their trip 'was nothing more than a work holiday'.

Now, Gabby has now revealed the girl in question reached out to her on Instagram from 'human guilt', sending her screenshots of their message exchanges which showed Marcel trying to make further plans to 'meet up for sex' after the first time.

She admitted it was the 'last thing' she expected him to do, especially after he had gained a reputation on Love Island for being the 'doctor of love', helping out other contestants with their relationship issues and said:

"It is what it is but I feel like I'll never trust anyone again'.


Despite everything, Marcel hinted the two have reconciled after tweeting his support for this ex before she entered the CBB house.

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