Ellie Brown & Charlie Brake Have An Emotional Argument During Love Island Reunion

17 December 2018, 17:34

Tonight's Love Island Christmas reunion sees an emotional Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake go head-to-head whilst the other islanders debate if they should break up the argument

Tonight's Love Island Christmas reunion sees a very emotional argument between exes Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake that ends in the rest of the cast debating whether or not to break it up between the pair.

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In the clip, Ellie calls out Charlie for allegedly cheating on her during their relationship, which he denies, leading the two to come to blows in an emotional confrontation.

Ellie says: "You cheated me that night with that girl, I was devastated and I loved you to bits" which leaves Charlie shaking his head, saying: "Listen to yourself, I never cheated on you....you're spinning this so hard".

When Adam & Zara and Megan & Wes awkwardly step into the room to try to turn the heat down between them, tensions flare once again when Charlie pipes up saying 'I tried to be nice but she's a liar', to which Ellie rolls her eyes and lashes back with 'you're a liar'. All the while, we'd say Zara plays a pretty damn good mediator.

The reality stars' relationship came to a crashing end when Charlie allegedly cheated on Ellie, being spotted on a date in London with another woman when he claimed to be with his family in another part of the UK.

We can't wait to fill the Love Island shaped hole in our life tonight with the reunion, and with the amount of exes flying about after this year's show, we can guarantee there's going to be a whole load of beef.

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