Love Island's Danny Williams Hospitalised With Broken Ankle Making TikTok With Co-Stars

3 July 2020, 10:41 | Updated: 3 July 2020, 10:45

Love Island's Danny Williams breaks ankle making TikTok with co-stars
Love Island's Danny Williams breaks ankle making TikTok with co-stars. Picture: Instagram @christaylorofficial

Love Island stars were making a TikTok in heels when Danny Williams broke his ankle and was rushed to hospital over the gruesome injury.

Love Island star Danny Williams has been hospitalised after breaking his ankle making a TikTok with co-stars Chris Taylor and Jordan Hames, with the whole gruesome thing being uploaded to Instagram.

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Performing a synchronised dance in the highest heels imaginable, the whole thing ends in disaster when Danny's ankle goes and sends him tumbling to the ground, the other boys laughing not realising what a serious injury was afoot- excuse the pun!

Love Island's Danny Williams breaks his ankle messing around in heels

Chris, who has recently been romantically connected with Maura Higgins despite the pair insisting they're just friends, revealed Danny's ankle had broken captioning the video:

"HATS OFF GIRLS...this is A LOT harder than we thought. Ask @itsdannywilliams left ankle @jxrdanhames."

"Any one need x3 pairs of size 11 heels? Worn once, barely damaged. Comes with three toes and half of Danny’s ankle. DM me cos I never want to see them again. Getting PTSD."

"Actually starting to wonder if these boys will ever say no to my ridiculous suggestions."

Despite Danny dropping to the floor in agony, plenty of people found the video hilarious, with Maura commenting, "Absolutely BRILLIANT girlies" and Michael Griffiths saying, "that was the funniest thing to see this morning."

Danny too, was in good spirits, despite the painful injury leaving a comment under the video where he also revealed they're planning on moving in together.

Danny wrote: "First tik tok with you lot and it cost me my ankle ffs is this what’s its gonna be like living with yous."

He also joked: "Also I’m awfully suspicious as to how Jordan got that confident strutting in heels."

Can we move into their Love Island TikTok house too?

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