WATCH: You Definitely Missed Dani Dyer's Acting Debut In Movies Alongside Her Dad!

26 June 2018, 15:34

You've seen Dani Dyer on 'Love Island' every day for the past couple of weeks, but have you seen her on the big screen opposite her dad, Danny Dyer?

We don't know if you know, but Dani Dyer's dad is Danny Dyer. We know - it's a big secret. She definitely didn't bring it up within seven seconds of stepping foot in the 'Love Island' villa.

Amber Davies isn't the only one with a major claim to fame; the barmaid from London had a lengthy career in the movie industry, following her father.

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Aside from appearing in the ITV2 reality show, 'Love Island', Dani (or as she was first known, Danni) appeared in several movies - four of which also starred her father.

Having starred in the likes of 'Vendetta', 'Run for Your Wife' and 'The Other Half', Dani has acted alongside Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding, James Cosmo (Trainspotting, Game of Thrones) and Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly).

Don't think that 'Love Island' is Dani's five seconds of fame though. Dani is currently filming two movies - 'Heckle' and 'O31', with the latter seeing her in a leading role.

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We'll just eagerly await for your autograph, Dani.