Love Island's Chris Taylor Broke Everyone's Hearts Crying About Not Fitting In

23 July 2019, 15:57

Chris Taylor broke everyone's hearts crying on Love Island
Chris Taylor broke everyone's hearts crying on Love Island. Picture: ITV/Love Island

Love Islander Chris broke down crying when everyone saved him and cried happy tears admitting he's never felt like he fit in anywhere.

Love Islander Chris Taylor just won over anyone left in the nation who didn't already love him when he broke down crying after being saved by his fellow islanders, heartbreakingly admitting that he's 'never felt like he fits in'.

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Chatting to the villa's resident agony aunt, Curtis Pritchard, the 28-year-old got choked up saying: "It's hard to explain."It's hard to say without crying."

"Honestly, it's good tears...I've never felt like I fit, fitted in."

He, along with his current coupling, Harley Brash, were saved by their fellow islanders over Michael and Francesca, despite the fact Michael was an original islander and historically more likely to be saved.

His tears had fans rushing to Twitter to say how touching they'd found him opening up to be, calling him 'precious' and 'relatable'.

Despite being dropped into the villa pretty far into the series, both he and Ovie have captured the hearts of the nation with their wit and charisma, which has led many to ask why they weren't put in as original islanders.

Proving there's plenty of room for more than one nice guy in the villa, Curtis adorably replied: "You fit in here more than anyone. I've never met a guy like you."

"You'll have me crying too. It was hard for me not to choose you tonight. You're incredible. I respect you so much, you're smart you're mature you're incredible mate. Everyone loves you in here."

We're not crying, you are.

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