WATCH: Anna & Jordan Have ANOTHER Huge Row During First Meeting Since Love Island

29 July 2019, 11:22

Love Island's Anna and Jordan have had another blazing row when meeting for the first time since he changed his mind about making their relationship official.

Love Island foe's Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames have had another bust up after leaving the villa when meeting up for the first time on Aftersun, where Anna continued to question her 'ex-boyfriend' about him changing his mind and trying to start something with Ovie's current couple, India.

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Anna goes in on Jordan during Aftersun meet up
Anna goes in on Jordan during Aftersun meet up. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

In the heated exchange where the producers had kindly (and somewhat pointlessly) provided them with some pastries and drinks, it was clear the two were still on terrible terms, with Anna pointing her fingers at Jordan and asking questioning if he ever cared about her.

She said: "When I said I wanted to be your girlfriend at that point I meant it and I meant it for the near future as well."

Jordan told Anna that "Obviously we're not right for each other" as she repeatedly asked "Did you even care about me this [gestures] much?"

Anna continued on to tell him that rather saying he's sorry, he should act sorry, with Jordan becoming frustrated and asking "why aren't you letting me talk?"

Jordan tried to argue that by pulling India for a talk, it wasn't that he liked her more, it was that he had come to realise he wasn't as into Anna as he may have thought, adding: "With India, I made a rash decision and we'll just go our separate ways."

Fans couldn't handle seeing the pair have beef on-screen again, and opinion is split over how each of them handled the situation, with some saying Anna was being too harsh, and others criticising Jordan for 'messing' with Anna's emotions.

One user wrote: "Absolutely broke my heart seeing Anna on After Sun. Jordan messed with her head completely. You could see the pain in her face #loveisland."

Another wrote: "I was worried Anna might have toned it down for aftersun, but she’s rolling this motherf****r’s balls every bit as much as he deserves."

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