WATCH: Amber Gill Reveals Her Best Kept Hair Secret- She Never Cuts It!

23 August 2019, 15:17 | Updated: 23 August 2019, 15:22

Amber Gill reveals her biggest hair secret and it's pretty surprising
Amber Gill reveals her biggest hair secret and it's pretty surprising. Picture: Global

Amber Gill's spilt the tea on how she keeps her amazing hair so shiny and healthy, and her biggest secret is not what we were expecting at all!

Love Island champion Amber Gill stopped by for a chat and we got to the things that really matters- how she keeps her hair looking so amazing all the time, and we wouldn't let her out of our grasp until she told us exactly how she does it!

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The 2019 winner revealed that she never, ever cuts it, despite people telling her to, because she is to scared of what will happen!

Now, we don't usually condone not getting that trim to rid of dead ends, but in Amber's case, we'll make an exception as she clearly knows what she's doing!

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"It's my statement on me, I think, so i always like to look after my hair properly" adding that plenty of condition and serum is also important to keep your locks healthy.

Before heading into the villa, Amber worked in a salon, doing everything from nails, waxing to facials- so, there's method behind the madness, she's a professional for god's sake!

Amber recently paid a visit to Greg O'Shea's hometown in Ireland, and we don't think they could look like a cuter couple if they tried!

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