Love Island's Amber Gill Ripped For Telling Callum Macleod He's 'Old' Aged 28

4 June 2019, 12:02 | Updated: 6 June 2019, 12:55

Amber Gill's 'savage' comment about Callum's age on Love Island
Amber Gill's 'savage' comment about Callum's age on Love Island. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

Love Island's Amber Gill told her coupled up guy, Callum Mcaleod, that he's old, and people aren't too happy.

Love Island's Amber Gill, 21, has already raised some eyebrows just one episode into the fifth series when telling the boy she's coupled up with, Callum Macleod, that he's 'old' at the age of 28, with many feeling just a little bit bruised from the comment.

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The beauty therapist from Newcastle got chatting to her aircraft engineer 'couple' when he told her his grand old age of 28.

"Ah, so you are old then" was her response that was hilariously described as 'like a dagger to the heart' for many people watching.

When the Welsh lad tried to laugh it off and ask if he looks 'young for his age', Amber, instead of taking the opportunity to redeem herself, made him know he very much looked his age.

One twitter user wrote, "callum's only 28. amber is so rude looooooooool" and another branded her 'absolutely savage.'

She also had the internet face palming after saying that she wanted a gentleman, coupling up with Callum as she liked the way he greeted Caroline when he walked out- only to say that he is 'too nice' not long after.

Former contestant Dom Lever was joining in on the commentary, hilariously asking if Amber had expected him to be 'an arsehole straight off the bat.'

As first episodes go, it was a pretty entertaining one, and there's a whole lot more drama to come! Love Island airs on ITV2 at 9pm.

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