Marcel Somerville Calls Out Love Island As Black & Mixed Race Contestants Are Picked Last

4 June 2019, 10:45 | Updated: 4 June 2019, 11:05

Marcel Somerville makes observations about race on Love Island
Marcel Somerville makes observations about race on Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Love Island

Marcel Somerville has reflected on his own 'Love Island' journey whilst pointing out the black and mixed race contestants were once again left until the end during the first coupling.

Former Love Island contestant Marcel Somerville's pointed out the very familiar scenario of the black and mixed race contestants being picked last on the first episode's coupling and reflected on his own experience on the 2017 series he starred on.

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Tweeting during last night's episode, he reflected on the similarities between his own entrance to the show to last night's that saw Yewande Biala, Sherif Lanre and Michael Griffiths chosen last to be coupled up.

He wrote: "This is mad!!!! #LoveIsland flash backs! Black guy, black girl and mixed race guy all left unpicked. Mad!!!"

The 33-year-old has also written about his experience on the dating show, remembering his confidence being knocked when no one stepped forward for him on the first day.

He said: "The first thing I noticed and was impressed by was the number of people of colour starting as originals. They’ve definitely made a conscious effort to rectify the colourism problems they faced last year."

"I was the first boy presented to the women and no one stepped forward. I was thinking to myself, ‘what the hell have I walked into?’ I’m a super confident guy but that hit me really hard."

The former Blazin' Squad member went on to say how the show transformed his life and he had an overall positive experience and found a (now ex) girlfriend, Gabby Allen.

He said: "I’m fortunate to be quite a calm and chilled person so I took it on the chin and just said to myself, ‘If I’m only on the show for a week, just make sure to enjoy yourself, it’s a holiday."

"My life changed hugely after leaving the Love Island villa. I didn’t get made redundant but had the freedom to quit. The joy of being able to do that was immense and my life post Love Island just got better and better."

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