Love Island 2018 Star Hayley Hughes' YouTuber Ex Reveals 'The Truth' About Their Secret Relationship

7 June 2018, 11:21 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 12:13

After his emotional video revealing his girlfriend left him to go on Love island 2018, vlogger Carmie Sellitto has now opened up about his claims he secretly dated Hayley Hughes.

Having shared a video titled 'My Girlfriend Left Me to go on Love Island...' to his YouTube channel recently, vlogger Carmie Sellitto has naturally been getting quite a bit of attention online.

In the video, which saw the YouTuber crying and questioning what went wrong in his secret relationship with a then unnamed Love Island star, Carmie claimed he wanted to keep his private life to himself, but felt he needed to speak to someone about his feelings - so opted to speak to his 376k subscribers.

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Well after he appeared to suggest that Love Island 2018 star Hayley Hughes was the villa resident he was talking about, Carmie has now revealed it was Hayley who he claims to have secretly dated and opened up about their relationship.


People gonna talk whether you’re doing bad or good ....

A post shared by Hayley Hughes (@hayleyhughes.xx) onApr 26, 2018 at 9:53am PDT

In a new video posted to his channel, Carmie claims that Hayley's family have been contacting him and asking to meet up in order to talk about things, whilst he also shared some of the abuse he's received since posting his original clip.

During the recording, Carmie also receives a phone call from someone claiming to be Hayley's cousin quizzing him about why he's making stuff up on his YouTube channel. The person on the phone admits that they've met Carmie once, to which he replies, "You literally just admitted that I met you so that's all I really need, so thanks for calling me and wasting your time."

The comments appear to add some weight to Carmie's claims that he did indeed date Hayley, if the person on the phone is indeed her cousin.


A post shared by carmie sellitto (@touchdalight) onJun 6, 2018 at 9:56am PDT

Since he posted the original video, many of his followers have also been posting hateful comments on Hayley's Instagram pictures, which are slowly but surely being removed, however Carmie asked his fans to refrain from giving Hayley any hate.

He said, "Another thing I've been seeing recently is the fact that loads of you guys watching have been commenting loads of hate on Hayley's latest Instagram pictures - that really isn't what we should be doing."

"Hayley really doesn't deserve any hate, so if you are thinking about leaving her a hate comment on her recent Instagram just please don't. She genuinely is a nice girl so I don't want you to leave hate on her comments."

People have been left confused by this whole situation, with many people slamming Carmie for making the whole thing up...

You can watch the whole video here.

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