Sabrina Carpenter Explains Why The 'Espresso' Music Video Had To Be Beach Themed

21 June 2024, 10:34

Sabrina Carpenter explained the real reason the 'Espresso' music vid is beach themed
Sabrina Carpenter explained the real reason the 'Espresso' music vid is beach themed. Picture: YouTube/Shutterstock

By Abbie Reynolds

Sabrina Carpenter told Capital why she chose a beach theme for the 'Espresso' music video, and it's not what we expected.

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We're living for the 'Short 'n Sweet' era of Sabrina Carpenter, from her catchy 'Espresso' lyrics to her hard-launching her boyf Barry Keoghan in the 'Please Please Please' music video, every step of the way she's been iconic.

Ahead of her epic Summertime Ball debut, Sabrina joined Jimmy Hill on The Capital Evening Show to chat all about her first two 'Short 'n Sweet' singles.

She spoke about the real reason she chose to make the 'Espresso' music video beach themed. The beachy, 1950s style music video became a fan favourite immediately but it turns out that vibe isn't quite Sabrina's vibe at all.

Sabrina Carpenter released 'Espresso' in April 2024
Sabrina Carpenter released 'Espresso' in April 2024. Picture: Youtube/Vevo

As she geared up for the UK's biggest summer party, Jimmy asked her what her style was when it came to partying in the sun.

Surprisingly she said, "[I'm] not a pool party girl," explaining, "I made the 'Espresso' video on the beach, because I was like, 'You know what? In like four or five years or whatever, I'm never gonna want to do a beach video, so let's do the beach video now so I can kind of get it out of the way.'

"And that's why I did 'Espresso' as a beach video because I don't actually like pool parties or beaches."

That definitely comes as a surprise, since she looks so effortlessly stylish and at ease in the music video, but she was an actress before she became a world renowned pop star after all!

Sabrina Carpenter - Espresso (Live at Capital's Summertime Ball 2024)

But we get it, after a beach day you're finding sand for days, which isn't so glamorous. And remembering to keep reapplying sunscreen? Torturous.

She did however go on to reveal that she likes a "cute little barbecue" moment in the summer. "I'm not cooking at all, but I love watching my friends cook," she said.

Okay, so maybe Sabrina doesn't like to cook a burger but we are certainly watching her cook up an exceptional music career.

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