Sabrina Carpenter Is Actually Over Her 'Nonsense' Outros

18 June 2024, 17:18 | Updated: 2 July 2024, 11:34

Sabrina Carpenter says she's run out of provocative lyrics
Sabrina Carpenter says she's run out of provocative lyrics. Picture: Global/Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

The 'Espresso' and 'Please Please Please' star told Capital she's running out of her famous 'Nonsense' outros.

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Not only is Sabrina Carpenter an icon, pop princess, trendsetter and so much more, she's also a lyrical genius.

If you didn't already realise it from her catchy 'Espresso' lyrics then you'll definitely know it from her iconic 'Nonsense' outros. The 'Please Please Please' singer started switching up the outro during her 'Emails I Can't Send' tour back in 2022.

Two years later and she's still changing the lyrics for the song every time she performs 'Nonsense' live. She even kept it up while travelling the world with Taylor Swift for The Eras Tour.

And especially for her British fans, Sabrina sang brand new lyrics on the Wembley Stadium stage at Capital's Summertime Ball.

Sabrina Carpenter performed at Capital's Summertime Ball
Sabrina Carpenter performed at Capital's Summertime Ball. Picture: Shutterstock

She sang: Boy that thing's so big I call it Wembley

I stay on that head and do it rent free

Capital, I think you bloody wrecked me

But backstage at Wembley with Capital breakfast's Jordan North, Chris Stark and Kemi Rodgers she revealed that she's so over the personalised outros.

Sabrina Carpenter - Nonsense (Live at Capital's Summertime Ball 2024)

Responding to Chris saying he's "become obsessed with the outros", Sabrina said, "I'm glad you still are because I'm," before breaking into a giggle and shaking her head.

"You know, two years ago, I made a random decision and it really changed the course of my daily schedule," she told them.

She revealed that she most definitely does not have a ghost writer and that they are all written by her and writing them has really 'expanded her brain'.

"I just think over the course of time, I've run out of provocative jokes in every city, so I'm running low," the 'Feather' singer explained.

Sabrina Carpenter performed 'Nonsense' at Wembley
Sabrina Carpenter performed 'Nonsense' at Wembley. Picture: Shutterstock

It's not all doom and gloom though as Sabrina's famous outros aren't going anywhere since she loves how they make each performance unique.

She said: "But no, I do genuinely have so much fun with it because it makes every show different and I think that that's very special."

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