Is Taylor Swift Announcing Something At Her 100th Eras Tour Show? The Theories Explained

13 June 2024, 20:36

Is Taylor Swift Announcing Something At Her 100th Eras Tour Show? The Theories Explained
Is Taylor Swift Announcing Something At Her 100th Eras Tour Show? The Theories Explained. Picture: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, Ashok Kumar/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Fans think Taylor Swift is going to announce Reputation (Taylor's Version) or a 'Florida!!!' music video in Liverpool.

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We're just days away from Taylor Swift's 100th Eras Tour show and fans have convinced themselves that she's about to announce something.

You don't have to be a Swiftie to know that Taylor Swift is a master of easter eggs. Ever since she first rose to fame, Taylor has left hidden clues in her album booklets and her music videos for fans to obsess over. In recent years, Taylor has used easter eggs as a way to tease announcements, including the release of her latest rerecording '1989 (Taylor's Version)'.

Now, Swifties think that Taylor is going to announce something at her 100th Eras Tour show in Liverpool on 13th of June. But does she actually have something to share or are we all just clowning? Is Taylor finally announcing 'Reputation (Taylor's Version)' or is a 'Florida!!' music video coming?

Taylor Swift drops TTPD easter eggs in tour rehearsal video

Is Taylor Swift Announcing 'Reputation Taylor's Version'?

Get your clown shoes on but the main theory surrounding Taylor's 100th Eras Tour show is that she is going to announce the long-awaited release of 'Reputation (Taylor's Version)'. Originally fans thought Taylor would announce the album in February but she announced her 12th album 'The Tortured Poets Department' instead. Has enough time now passed for 'Rep TV'?

TikToker @kristenm.13 pointed out that Taylor made a very interesting speech at her last Eras Tour show. She said: "With music I felt like if you write and feel it, you should put it out. I think that started with me doing the Taylor's Versions of my albums. I kind of just want to show them all of my work and see what they think and hope they like it."

Another fan pointed out that Taylor's official fan page Taylor Nation currently has 1988 posts on Instagram. They tweeted: "WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS. TAYLORNATION HAS 1988 POSTS ON INSTAGRAM RIGHT NOW. IF TAYLOR ANNOUNCES SOMETHING AT THE 100th SHOW, IT’LL BE THEIR 1989th POST."

As for 'Reputation (Taylor's Version)' release dates, theories mainly vary between August 2nd and September 13th.

Is Taylor Swift releasing a 'Florida!!!' music video?

'Reputation (Taylor's Version)' isn't the only theory going around at the moment. Other fans think that Taylor could release a 'Florida!!!' music video at her 100th show or even perform the song live for the first time with Florence + The Machine.

Yesterday (Jun 10), Taylor Nation posted a video of Taylor and Florence recording 'Florida!!!' together with the caption: "the level of talent that was in the recording studio this day."

A fan then retweeted the post writing: "what if I said the announcement in liverpool is florida!!! music video premiere + live florence duet."

As always, both of these theories could just be fans overanalysing things but anything is possible with Taylor.

What do you think? Is an announcement coming?

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