Taylor Swift Fans Divided Over Swiftie Selling Her Sister's '22' Hat On eBay

21 May 2024, 15:37

Taylor Swift Fans Divided Over Swiftie Selling Her Sister's '22' Hat On eBay
Taylor Swift Fans Divided Over Swiftie Selling Her Sister's '22' Hat On eBay. Picture: Omar Vega/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management, sell-alot via eBay
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Taylor Swift famously gives out her hat to one lucky fan during every performance of '22' on The Eras Tour.

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A woman is being called out by Swifties after listing the coveted '22' hat that Taylor Swift gave to her little sister for sale on eBay.

If you're a Taylor Swift fan, you will already know what the '22' hat means to the fandom. As well as delivering multiple epic renditions of her songs during The Eras Tour, Taylor also makes sure to connect directly with her fans. Every night, during the 'Red' section of the show, Taylor gives the black hat that she wears during '22' to one lucky person in the audience.

Taylor usually selects a younger fan in the audience for the now iconic moment. Sometimes, she gives the hat to someone famous like Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's daughter Bianka. At other shows, she hands it to someone completely unknown. Not only is it an incredibly one-of-a-kind fan experience but Taylor also signs each hat to add to the sentimental value.

Given how coveted the '22' hat is, it's no shock that they're worth a lot. Now, someone is selling one of them for $20,000.

Taylor Swift giving a fan her '22' hat on The Eras Tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Taylor Swift giving a fan her '22' hat on The Eras Tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Picture: TAS2023 via Getty Images

Jeana Linzy attended the Eras Tour concert at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey in May 2023 with her younger sister. During the show, Taylor gave her 22 hat to Jeana's sister. Fast forward to now and Jeana has listed the hat on eBay as 'Taylor Swifts Worn On Stage 22 Eras Tour Signed Hat From Met Life Stadium'. Jeana put the hat up for sale for $20,000.

In the listing, Jeana specifies that the money will go towards her sister's college fund but fans are now divided over her selling such a one-of-a-kind item on X/Twitter.

On Sunday (May 19), a Taylor Swift fan, who goes by @tayl0rsf0lkl0re, tweeted: "OMG someone is selling the 22 hat?! Ugh I hate people!!!"

Another tweeted: "imagine ur parents saying hat from a once in a lifetime experience or college i would never forgive them."

However, others have come to Jeana's defence pointing out that college is expensive and an education will probably mean a lot more to her sister down the line than the '22' hat. One person wrote: "idgaf people are struggling financially and trying to survive not everyone can afford college. grow up."

Another person added: "it literally says the money is for college though. swifties will purchase anything so if she need to pay tuition, i don't see why yall are outraged."

For anyone wondering if the listing was a scam, a Swiftie messaged Jeanna on Instagram to make sure it was legit.

In a DM, they wrote: "I just wanted to let you know that these pics are ALL over Twitter [X] right now because it looks like someone is eBay is selling [your sister's] 22 hat. The eBay account looks sketchy so I personally think it's a scammer."

Jeana simply replied by writing: "Yes, that is our listing. Thank you."

As of right now, the listing has been removed. It's unclear whether Jeanna sold the hat or simply decided to take it down. We'll let you know if and when we find out more.

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