Taylor Swift Re-Recordings: All The Release Dates Of The Taylor’s Version Albums In Order

9 May 2024, 19:58

Taylor Swift explains why Cruel Summer wasn't released as a single

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

When is Taylor Swift releasing Reputation (Taylor's Version) and Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version)?

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Taylor Swift is re-recording Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989 and Reputation but when will they each come out?

In November 2020, Taylor Swift confirmed that she had begun re-recording her first six albums. Taylor made the decision to do so after a well-publicised dispute with music manager Scooter Braun. In 2019, Taylor's old label, Big Machine Records, sold all of her masters to Scooter. Taylor then opened up about her difficult relationship with Scooter in a Tumblr post.

Since then, Taylor has said that her team tried to negotiate with Scooter to gain ownership of her masters. However, he has resold Taylor's recordings to Shamrock Holdings and Taylor claims that he still profits from her old music. As a result, she has chosen to re-record the masters she doesn't own (everything pre Lover) so that she officially owns her music.

We now have Fearless (Taylor's Version), Red (Taylor's Version), Speak Now (Taylor's Version) and 1989 (Taylor's Version) in all their glory. With that in mind, here's everything we know – plus all the theories – about the final two Taylor's Version albums: Reputation (Taylor's Version) and Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) a.k.a. Debut (TV).

When will Taylor Swift release her re-recorded albums?

Taylor Swift re-recordings: All the release dates of the Taylor’s Version albums in order
Taylor Swift re-recordings: All the release dates of the Taylor’s Version albums in order. Picture: Republic Records

When will Taylor Swift release Reputation (Taylor's Version)?

There legally has to be a five year period before Taylor can release re-recordings of her albums. The earliest that Taylor could start to re-record and release Reputation (Taylor's Version) was November 10th, 2022. Now that we're past that date, Taylor is free to release Reputation (Taylor's Version) whenever she pleases but recording is probably still in process.

Some fans think that Taylor's already started teasing Reputation (Taylor's Version). First there was the diamond dress at the 2022 MTV VMAs. Fans compared it to Taylor's bathtub scene in the 'Look What You Made Me Do' video. Secondly, she made a reference to Reputation at The Eras Tour on July 1st that felt very Easter eggy.

Perhaps most importantly, Taylor teased a snippet of 'Delicate (Taylor's Version)' in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2, episode 6 on August 3rd. She also teased a snippet of 'Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor's Version)' in the trailer for Wilderness on August 23rd.

As a result, fans were convinced that Reputation (Taylor's Version) would be announced, or maybe even released, in February 2024 but Taylor has since announced and released a new album called The Tortured Poets Department.

With this in mind, it seems unlikely that Reputation (TV) will come out before Q4 2024 but anything is possible.

When will Taylor Swift release Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version)?

Taylor is yet to drop any definite easter eggs for Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) just yet so the release date remains a mystery.

That being said, fans think that Taylor could have hinted that a Shania Twain collab is coming on debut as Taylor was seen wearing Shania merch recently and shortly afterwards Shania was spotted wearing Taylor merch. (The two queens of country-pop crossover working together? I would like to see it!)

Fans also think that Taylor could be waiting to make her debut her final re-recording. This way, when Taylor drops Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) she will be able to say that she finally owns her own name and all of her music.

With this in mind, it seems likely that the earliest we'll get Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) is early 2025, depending on when Reputation (Taylor's Version) drops.

If Taylor sticks to her trend of announcing her rerecorded albums while on tour, then fans could expect an announcement during the second leg of her U.S. shows.

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Taylor Swift re-recorded albums: When are they coming out?
Taylor Swift re-recorded albums: When are they coming out? Picture: Getty

Taylor Swift released Fearless (Taylor's Version) in April 2021

In February, Taylor announced that she would be releasing Fearless (Taylor's Version) on April 9, 2021. Not only that but she revealed that the album would include six unreleased songs as well as new versions of every single original Fearless track. She also released 'Love Story (Taylor's Version)' as the album's lead single to coincide with Valentine's Day.

The album, which features Colbie Caillat, Maren Morris and Keith Urban, is now available to stream and purchase on all platforms.

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Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor's Version) in November 2021

In June 2021, Taylor Swift announced that she would be releasing Red (Taylor's Version) as her second re-recorded album and that it would come out on November 19th. The release was later pushed forward to November 12th. Taylor wrote: "This will be the first time you hear all 30 songs that were meant to go on Red. And hey, one of them is even ten minutes long."

The album includes unreleased collaborations with Phoebe Bridgers, Ed Sheeran and Chris Stapleton, as well as the highly anticipated original 10-minute version of 'All Too Well' and it is available to purchase and stream now.

Taylor Swift released Speak Now (Taylor's Version) in July 2023

In October 2022, Taylor dropped easter eggs in her 'Bejewelled' music video which hinted that Speak Now (Taylor's Version) would be her next re-recording release. On May 5, 2023, Taylor then announced that she would be releasing Speak Now (Taylor's Version) on July 7 in a speech at her Nashville Show on the Eras Tour.

Now, the album is here and it contains new versions of the original Speak Now tracks alongside six songs from the vault. These include collaborations with Fall Out Boy and Hayley Williams. Speak Now (Taylor's Version) is entirely self-written. Taylor is the only credited writer on the project.

Taylor Swift release 1989 (Taylor's Version) in October 2023

Following months of fan theories that Taylor would announce 1989 (Taylor's Version) on the final show (8/9) of the first US leg of the Eras Tour, Taylor did just that. She made the announcement before performing 'New Romantics' as a surprise song.

During the show, Taylor also took to Twitter to announce: "Surprise!! 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is on its way to you 🔜! The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways, and it fills me with such excitement to announce that my version of it will be out October 27th."

Taylor added: "To be perfectly honest, this is my most FAVORITE re-record I’ve ever donebecause the 5 From The Vault tracks are so insane. I can’t believe they were ever left behind. But not for long!"

1989 (Taylor’s Version) is now out with five iconic vault songs.

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