Why Harry Styles Won’t Perform 'To Be So Lonely'

21 September 2021, 13:24

Harry Styles left the 'Fine Line' tune off his setlist
Harry Styles left the 'Fine Line' tune off his setlist. Picture: Getty/Twitter
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Fans are begging Harry Styles to include 'To Be So Lonely' at a 'Love On Tour' concert... will he?

Harry Styles has been singing up a storm on the first leg of his Love On Tour.

Fans have been treated to electric performances of the mega-star's biggest hits from 'Watermelon Sugar' to 'Golden' – and even the One Direction number, 'What Makes You Beautiful'!

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However, one Styler-favourite from his discography is seemingly missing from the setlist.

The 27-year-old pop powerhouse is yet to perform 'To Be So Lonely' but a live rendition may just be on the horizon...

Harry Styles won't perform this fan favourite
Harry Styles won't perform this fan favourite. Picture: Harry Styles/Instagram

During Harry's string of shows in the States, fans have been chanting from the stands hoping for a 'To Be So Lonely' enchore.

The Don't Worry Darling star is yet to meet the Styler's demands but he has heard them loud and clear...

A video from a Love On Tour show has been circulating online that shows Harry cheekily responding to the crowd's requests.

'To Be So Lonely' isn't included on the Love On Tour setlist
'To Be So Lonely' isn't included on the Love On Tour setlist. Picture: Harry Styles/Twitter
Harry. Picture: Harry Styles/Instagram

In response to the audience requesting the seventh track from his sophomore album, 'Fine Line', Harry quips back: 'We're gonna do Canyon Moon".

Canyon Moon is smack-bang in the middle of the popstar's setlist, despite 'To Be So Lonely' not being listed as a Love On Tour track, fans have overheard Harry sound-checking the song.

Maybe we can hold out hope that we'll hear the song live soon?

Of course, concert-goers took to Twitter to joke about their frustrations of not being treated to the popular tune.

One user wrote: "Harry refusing to sing To Be So Lonely while Louis refuses to sing Miss You feels like a personal attack."

One attendee even made a sign that read: "Please play To Be So Lonely, I won’t call you an SOB."

By the sounds of Harry's soundcheck, 'To Be So Lonely' is certainly ready to be sung to a stadium.

When will he surprise us with a live rendition of the track?

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