Why Did Chloe Burrows And Toby Aromolaran Split & How Long Were They Together?

14 February 2024, 13:33 | Updated: 14 February 2024, 16:52

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were together for a year after Love Island
Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were together for a year after Love Island. Picture: Toby Aromolaran/Instagram
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Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were the Love Island series seven couple fans were rooting for, but when did they split and was there cheating involved? Here’s everything they’ve said about their relationship and breakup.

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Chloe Burrows, 28, and Toby Aromolaran, 24 met on Love Island 2021 and dated for over a year, breaking up after growing apart. However, while on Celebs Go Dating Chloe admitted she ‘wasn’t ready for their relationship to end’.

Fans have been rooting for them to get back together since they split, however, Toby struck up a connection with Georgia Steel on Love Island Games, a spark that they have rekindled on Love Island: All Stars.

In a recent game on All Stars Toby opened up about being cheated on by an ex-girlfriend, saying he is "scared going into every other relationship" because of how it hurt him. Which has fans wondering if Chloe cheated on him and if that's the real reason they broke up.

Their series seven co-stars Liam Reardon and Millie Court recently rekindled their relationship and fans held out hope that Chloe and Toby would eventually follow in their footsteps, but his romance with Georgia might just blossom into something more.

That, and the fact Chloe was quick to deny she's heading into All Stars as a bombshell put an end to any reconciliation hopes.

Before their split they lived together, moving in just a few months after meeting on the ITV dating show. But what happened with Chloe and Toby, why did they split and how long were they together? Here’s what you need to know.

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromoloran were runners up on Love Island series seven
Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromoloran were runners up on Love Island series seven. Picture: Toby Aromolaran/Instagram

Did Chloe Burrows cheat on Toby Aromolaran?

That isn't for us to know for sure but in Wednesday night's episode Toby seems to claim that Chloe cheated on him, as he tells Anton Danyluk: "Even when we broke up. People always said that I cheated...it wasn't even my choice to end the relationship but I had to end it because it's cheating."

Toby goes on to say: "I can't lie to you. I'll tell you right now. With that girl, she was it, I was happy. Soulmate vibes. After that happened bro, honestly the hardest time hands down." And although fans are sure he is talking about Chloe, he hasn't named her.

Earlier on in the series he opened to Georgia Harrison about losing trust in Chloe which has fans assuming she did cheat. After being nudged by Georgia H, he said: "Something happened and the trust went. I didn't trust her anymore and personally in a relationship, if I don't trust them any more it is done."

And now, during a game where the Islanders voted for him and Georgia Steel as most likely to cheat, he insisted it was something he'd never do because he knows "how it hurts".

“I don’t think I can do that to a person because I know how it hurts," he told the Islanders. "The consequences are still hitting me from the actions of someone else and that hurts. I feel like now I’ll be scarred going into every other relationship. So I think cheating… I don’t think I could ever do it in my life, ever.”

Chloe Burrows cries over breakup with Toby on Celebs Go Dating

He and Arabella Chi also have history but she isn't the ex he is talking about as she apologised to him after the revelation and he said, "I wasn't with you though,' to which Arabella said: "No I know."

Before entering Love Island the first time round Toby admitted he'd never had a relationship and now his only known exes are Arabella and Chloe so viewers are convinced he is referring to Chloe, with one writing on X: "Toby unequivocally confirmed that Chloe cheated. That was his first relationship, so it can only be her."

Why did Chloe and Toby split?

Toby broke up with Chloe in October 2022, blaming ‘serious core problems’ for their split. Now, after comments made by Toby on All Stars, fans are convinced they broke up due to cheating.

In an interview with the tabloids months after the split Toby had said: “At the end of the day it wasn’t a hard decision – once you’re having serious core problems, really and truly it’s done, isn’t it. It’s one of those ones, because it’s my relationship I don’t want to say what those issues were. I haven’t really said it out loud to anyone really and truly, it’s almost like I'm running from it. I run from it."

Chloe said in a later interview she ‘loved that boy to death’, things just didn’t work out between them.

What has Chloe Burrows said about Toby Aromolaran's cheating allegations?

Chloe is yet to comment on the cheating rumours following comments made by Toby on Love Island All Stars. But she did open up about being "heartbroken" over their split when she was on Celebs Go Dating and even said she "wasn’t ready for their relationship to end".

Chloe and Toby even moved in together after Love Island
Chloe and Toby even moved in together after Love Island. Picture: Toby Aromolaran/Instagram

What have Chloe and Toby said about their breakup?

The ex couple only opened up on their split a few months later, with Toby telling the tabloids he’d ‘never spoken about their breakup’ because it was too difficult. He also said at the time they’d cut ties.

Meanwhile, Chloe opened up on her podcast earlier this year to pal Millie, recalling how she phoned her friend in tears asking what to do and Millie said she could live with her.

While on Celebs Go Dating, Chloe was asked about her last relationship and she broke down in tears talking about her split from Toby, admitting she ‘wasn’t ready’ and calling him ‘the nicest boy I’d ever been with.’

"But the connections you form [in the Love Island villa], you can't replicate it in real life. When he said, 'this isn't working', I was really heartbroken for months,” she said. "I was heartbroken. Things fell apart a bit and we both knew. I'm not going to beg for someone to stay with me."

Asked if she’d rekindle their relationship in future, Chloe said: “I don't know. We're probably very different people now. I don't know, to be honest."

Toby appears to confirm ex Chloe cheated on him on Love Island

How long were Chloe and Toby together?

Chloe and Toby were together for over a year, even moving in together after just a few weeks of being in the outside world after Love Island. Although their split was revealed in October 2022, it’s thought they broke things off some time before that.

They started dating in the Love Island villa after quickly growing close. Toby had his head turned a couple of times, but always came back to Chloe and soon realised she was the one for him.

They reached the final of the show, finishing in second place after Liam and Millie.

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