Jesy Nelson’s 'Odd One Out' Documentary Praised For ‘Changing Lives’ As It Trends On Twitter Worldwide

13 September 2019, 12:09

Jesy has been praised for her bravery.
Jesy has been praised for her bravery. Picture: instagram

Jesy Nelson’s 'Odd One Out' documentary was the number trend on Twitter worldwide as it aired.

Jesy Nelson has received an overwhelming amount of love and support online after her 'Odd One Out' documentary aired on Thursday night.

Fans took to Twitter to praise the Little Mix singer, branding her as ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’.

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The documentary detailed how online trolls drove Jesy to attempt suicide and it didn't take long for #WeStandByJesy to star trending on Twitter worldwide.

The LM5 singer then took to Instagram to thank fans for their support.

She said: "You have no idea how hard it was to open my heart and make myself vulnerable to the world..... never did I think In a million years that it would reach this many people so quick.

"I’m so overwhelmed and cannot thank you enough for the love and awareness we will raise together!!"

The 28-year-old X Factor winner was flooded with kind messages.

One fan wrote: “The saddest thing for me was the fact that the day when she won the XFactor and the day which was supposed to be the best day of her life turned out to be the worst day due to the disgusting comments she received about her appearance. #OddOneOut @LittleMIx #WeStandByJesy.”

Another fan tweeted: “I just want everyone who reads this to know that you will be okay. Maybe not in a second, or tomorrow, or next month, but you WILL be okay.

“Don’t give up. Thank you, Jesy, for not giving up and making this documentary. It’ll change lives @LittleMix #OddOneOut#WeStandByJesy.”

“I’m so proud of Jesy," another added. They continued: "As a young woman is really inspiring seeing that she is still smiling after being through all of those bad comments on her appearance.

“She is just gorgeous and didn’t deserve all the hate #OddOneOut #WeStandByJesy."

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