Justin Bieber: Inside The ‘Yummy’ Singer’s Family Relationships, From His Wife Hailey Baldwin To His Parents & Siblings

13 February 2020, 17:24 | Updated: 13 February 2020, 17:26

Justin Bieber has a big family and he's the eldest sibling
Justin Bieber has a big family and he's the eldest sibling. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Justin Bieber has been busy making his music comeback with his album 'Changes' and is set to embark on his 2020 tour, but his personal life has been popping too, between marrying Hailey Baldwin and hanging out with his siblings - we're here to bring you the details about his family members.

Justin Bieber is super close to his family, and growing up in the public eye means his fans have watched his siblings grow up with the ‘Yummy’ hitmaker.

But how many brothers and sisters does JB have? And how long has he been married to Hailey Baldwin?

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Here’s everything we know…

Wife - Hailey Baldwin

Justin and his wife, Hailey Bieber, have known each other for years
Justin and his wife, Hailey Bieber, have known each other for years. Picture: PA

Justin met Hailey after her dad and actor, Stephen Baldwin, introduced them in a very awkward encounter back in 2009.

He started hanging out with the 22-year-old model in 2014 - because they shared mutual friends - and ended up getting closer over the years.

The couple tied the knot in private in 2018, before having a big ceremony and celebrated their marriage with their loved ones in a seriously luxurious wedding in September 2019.

Mum - Pattie Mallette

Justin and his mum, Pattie Mallette, have a close relationship
Justin and his mum, Pattie Mallette, have a close relationship. Picture: PA

Pattie dated Justin’s dad for four years before splitting from him shortly after giving birth to the star, a month before her 19th birthday.

She remained a single mother whilst raising Justin and was the first to recognise his talents when he was two years old.

She entered him into talent shows throughout his childhood and posted videos of him on YouTube, which led to him being discovered by Scooter Braun.

Justin has always been extremely close with his mum and praised her as an ‘amazing woman’, as well as taking her as his date to numerous award shows.

However, in 2015 he revealed to Billboard they were trying to ‘rebuild’ the trust between them as he admitted he had kept his distance from her in fear of ‘disappointing’ her during his 'wild' phase.

They have since grown closer and she shares a close relationship with his wife Hailey.

Dad - Jeremy Bieber

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Justin's dad, Jeremy Bieber, has four children
Justin's dad, Jeremy Bieber, has four children. Picture: Instagram

Despite Justin not living with his father whilst growing up, the pair remained close and the 'Sorry’ singer has acknowledged his dad’s importance in his life numerous times on social media.

Back in 2018, he shared a heartfelt Father’s Day post, penning: "Dad I love you more than words.. I would do absolutely anything for you. I can’t wait to hug and kiss you Happy Father’s Day.”

In the comments, fans called him ‘Justin’s twin’ as the post showed a 19-year-old Jeremy holding JB as a newborn baby.

Justin’s father went on to have two children with his ex-wife Erin Wagner - Jaxon and Jazmyn, and a daughter called Bay with his current wife, Chelsey Bieber.

He is also step-father to Chelsey’s daughter, Allie, from her previous relationship.

Half-sister - Jazmyn Bieber

Justin's sister, Jazmyn Bieber, is all grown up
Justin's sister, Jazmyn Bieber, is all grown up. Picture: Twitter
Jazmyn used to join her brother on stage
Jazmyn used to join her brother on stage. Picture: Instagram

Also known as ‘Jazzy’, she’s the older sister of Jaxon.

Justin frequently brought Jazmyn on stage with him when she was younger, where he even let her sing sometimes - and it was the cutest thing ever!

Now 11 years old, the adorable mini Biebs now has her own YouTube and Instagram account where she posts a lot with her step-sister Allie Rebelo.

Half-brother - Jaxon Bieber

Jaxon attended Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding
Jaxon attended Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding. Picture: Instagram
Jaxon is Justin's only brother
Jaxon is Justin's only brother. Picture: Instagram

True Beliebers will remember Jaxon as a baby as they called him ‘Little Justin’ and ‘Prince’ back in the day.

Now 10 years old, he looked all grown up at his older brother’s wedding last year.

The pair have always been close as the only brothers amongst their siblings, and Justin even brought him along to the Grammys in 2016.

Half-sister - Bay Bieber

Bay Bieber is Jeremy's youngest child
Bay Bieber is Jeremy's youngest child. Picture: Instagram

Soon to be two years old, Bay is the youngest of Justin’s siblings.

She has the cutest Instagram account, which is run by her parents, and shows adorable snaps of her with the Bieber clan.

Step-sister - Allie Rebelo

Allie Rebelo lives with Jazmyn & Jaxon Bieber
Allie Rebelo lives with Jazmyn & Jaxon Bieber. Picture: Instagram

Allie is Chelsey’s daughter from a previous relationship and is super close to her step-dad Jeremy and her siblings.

Allie and Jazmyn are BFFs and post photos together all the time.

JB’s little sister, who is 12, is a similar age to Jazzy so it’s no surprise the pair are inseparable!

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