Justin Bieber Fans React To New Album 'Changes' After Secret Listening Party

12 February 2020, 12:35

Justin Bieber fans react to new album 'Changes'
Justin Bieber fans react to new album 'Changes'. Picture: Capital FM

Justin Bieber held a secret listening party in London for his new album 'Changes' and Roman Kemp took a handful of Capital listeners to meet Justin and be the first people to hear it.

Justin Bieber landed in London yesterday for an intimate UK show ahead of the release of his new album Changes.

Before heading over to indigo at The O2 for the exclusive gig, Justin held a top secret listening party for music industry bosses and some of his British friends where he played his fifth album in full.

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Roman Kemp brought a handful of lucky Capital listeners along to the album playback. Not only did the fans hear the album three days before the rest of the world but Roman had arranged a surprise so that they got to meet actual Justin Bieber too.

So what did the Justin's fans make of the new album? Well, the reviews are in and it's gone down very well...

"Guys... holy f****** s***... Justin Bieber literally snapped, like Changes is an amazing album," tweeted Samira, one of the Capital listeners Roman invited down to the listening party.

One of the main things that fans commented on is the quality of Justin's vocals on his new album.

"I think everyone will be really satisfied [with] the album, his vocals have never sounded better," tweeted listener Rey after the party. Samira added: "The production value of this is insane and his voice sounds so amazing."

Justin Bieber meets fans at secret listening party
Justin Bieber meets fans at secret listening party. Picture: Capital FM

Justin spoke at the listening party about how he was aiming to make 'Journals 2.0' - a follow-on from his 2013 compilation album Journals - however he changed his mind as the production process went on.

"Before [Justin] started the album, it was meant to be a “Journals 2” but he realised it wasn't sounding like it whilst making it and 'Changes' confirmed it for him," wrote Rey on Twitter, "Yes this album has R&B vibes but it’s more like Journals' cousin."

Justin did confirm that he's still considering making a second Journals album in the future.

Justin Bieber meets fans at secret listening party
Justin Bieber meets fans at secret listening party. Picture: Capital FM

There are a number of features on Changes, with Travis Scott, Post Malone and Lil Dicky all making an appearance.

"Lil Dicky's rap in the song he features in goes so so hard... I never expected it," commented Samira. "Biggest plot twist on Changes was the Lil Dicky verse, my guy was SPITTING!" joked Rey.

The biggest takeaway from the secret listening party was how happy Justin seemed to be releasing music again.

"Really hate to sound cheesy but Justin looks so happy to just be back and share his music with everyone again," wrote Rey on Twitter, "He was so sweet and kind to us all throughout it and was asking if we liked the songs."

"I think the best thing today was seeing how happy Justin looked," tweeted Samira, "It's clear he worked really hard on the album but he just looks so much happier honestly."

Justin Bieber's new album Changes is released this Friday 14th February 2020.

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