Justin Bieber Has Hilarious Comeback To A Fan's Harry Styles Question About 'Watermelon Sugar'

5 February 2020, 14:42 | Updated: 5 February 2020, 14:45

A fan asked Justin Bieber about the meaning of a Harry Styles song – with hilarious results
A fan asked Justin Bieber about the meaning of a Harry Styles song – with hilarious results. Picture: PA

Justin Bieber responded savagely to a woman who asked him a question about Harry Styles' song, 'Watermelon Sugar'.

One thing Justin Bieber is known for is his jokey manner, so when a fan asked him a question about Harry Styles while the pop star was out and about, he of course had a hilarious comeback.

A clip of the ‘Yummy’ singer and his wife Hailey Baldwin getting into their car went viral on Twitter after a woman shouted: “Everyone wants to know, Harry Styles has a song about oral sex called 'Watermelon Sugar’. Does that mean the same thing?”

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The ‘Get Me’ star gave the ultimate response, asking her: “Is that your real voice?” - savage!

The woman wasn't even shook, as she replied: “Yeah it’s annoying,” before a guy behind her added, “I think it’s lovely,” and, honestly, it's a lot happening in the space of 15 seconds!

Everyone found it funny
Everyone found it funny. Picture: Twitter

Fans rushed to comment with their reactions which, unsurprisingly, involved a lot of laughing emojis.

One tweeted: “The guy at the end saying 'I think it’s lovely' absolutely SENDS me."

“Why is this so funny to me, the girl was not surprised she already got this before lmaooo [sic],” added another.

A third said: "Now it has me thinking if my voice would annoy Justin.”

Everyone was loving the viral clip
Everyone was loving the viral clip. Picture: Twitter
People were quick to compare the two videos
People were quick to compare the two videos. Picture: Twitter

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The best part was undeniably JB’s confused face at the end as he gets into the car – and it’s giving Beliebers a serious throwback to a previous chat, where he imitated the interviewer’s laugh.

The famous Access Hollywood video is from 2010 and true Justin fans will remember it being the most meme-able thing at the time.

In the clip, he shows the same baffled face before saying ‘I like that laugh’ and re-enacts it - leaving us with ultimate Bieber nostalgia.

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