Why Was Justin Bieber Crying In Recent Social Media Post?

1 May 2024, 09:35 | Updated: 1 May 2024, 09:36

Why was Justin Bieber crying on his Instagram?
Why was Justin Bieber crying on his Instagram? Picture: Instagram @justinbieber

By Abbie Reynolds

In the latest Justin Bieber news, he posted himself crying on Instagram - here's the real reason he was brought to tears.

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Just a couple weeks after making a surprise appearance at Coachella, Justin Bieber took to Instagram for a post frenzy. He shared six posts within moments of each other with four of them including multiple pics.

In one of these random photo dumps he shared some candid shots of him crying, which naturally sparked concern amongst his fans.

After he was brought out by R&B star Tems at Coachella Justin was seen cosying up with his wife Hailey Bieber. A video of him stroking Hailey's head while they watched Lana Del Rey perform went viral on TikTok and Justin even shared it to his Instagram. That was one of his last posts before his latest Instagram spree.

Being the ever supportive wife, Hailey commented under the post of him crying but what she said wasn't expected. So what's happened to Justin Bieber? Here's what we know.

Justin Bieber shares pic of him crying
Justin Bieber shares pic of him crying. Picture: Instagram @justinbieber

Why was Justin Bieber crying in recent post?

Justin hasn't personally revealed why he was crying in a recent IG post but insiders have said it was a reaction to being overcome with emotion through prayer. They said it was an act of vulnerability that Justin finds "beautiful".

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source said: "Justin wears his emotions on his sleeve and it is no secret that he is very religious,' 'The pictures he put up of him crying may have prompted fans to question his wellbeing, and whether his marriage is on the rocks – but it was about his love of Jesus.

"It is deep, but he prays and often sheds tears after diving into his faith and though he prays and gives thanks for all that he has in his life, he gets carried away and the emotions that come from it all are released through tears."  

They went on: "He is not ashamed or embarrassed as he wants people to see his emotions. It helps him out for all that he goes through."

Justin Bieber smiles in green hat and sunnies
Justin Bieber smiles in green hat and sunnies. Picture: Instagram @justinbieber

At the time his wife Hailey commented underneath, "a pretty crier" which led us to believe it was nothing too serious as we'd expect a more alarmed reaction - or none at all - if Justin was crying about something major.

In the pic where he was crying he's wearing a green bucket hat which he is seen wearing in another post but in that post he has a huge smile on his face.

Naturally, many theories emerged about why the 'Sorry' singer was in tears but none of them seem to have uncovered the truth.

Nearly ten days before the post, Justin's friend Chris King had passed. Chris was a rapper and Justin's ex-roommate who was sadly shot.

After the incident, Justin took to his IG story on April 20th to say: "Love you bro. This one hurts." Leading fans to believe the sad selfies were taken after reflecting on the death of his dear friend.

Justin and Hailey Bieber linking arms at Super Bowl LVIII
Justin and Hailey Bieber linking arms at Super Bowl LVIII. Picture: Getty

Other commenters suggested his tears were a result of his smoking habits which he alluded to in the post as well. There were also suggestions that it's about him and Hailey splitting, which is a pretty tired narrative.

It seems JB is perfectly fine and just very in touch with his faith. Insiders have said that Justin "feels that people should be vulnerable, and he is being vulnerable.

"He believes it shows some maturity that he once didn't have. In a word, he thinks it is beautiful."

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