Zendaya Brilliantly Swerves Awkward Kiss Question On Challengers Press Run

16 April 2024, 13:06

Zendaya dodged a question about her co-stars
Zendaya dodged a question about her co-stars. Picture: Getty/Sunrise

By Abbie Reynolds

On the Challengers press tour Zendaya was asked an awkward intimate question but she swerved it brilliantly.

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Zendaya truly slays a press tour, whether that be on the red carpet or at a junket with journalists.

This April the actress has been all around the world with co-stars Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor promoting their upcoming movie Challangers and we have been watching with pure admiration. Her Challengers premiere outfits have been to die for and that Vogue interview let us into a side if Z we'd never seen before.

But much like her Dune: Part Two press run, her intimate scenes on screen seem to have invited interviewers to ask some bizarre questions.

Challengers is unapologetically racy, with scenes where Zendaya's character Tashi gets intimate with both leading men and at some points at the same time.

However, this is purely acting and IRL the Euphoria star is in a committed relationship with Tom Holland. But in an interview with Australian outlet 'Sunrise' she was put in a awkward position.

Josh O&squot;Connor, Zendaya, Mike Faist at the "Challengers" photocall in Milan
Josh O'Connor, Zendaya, Mike Faist at the "Challengers" photocall in Milan. Picture: Getty

'Sunrise' interviewer Edwina Bartholomew asked Zendaya which of her co-stars was a better kisser. Zendaya was visibly baffled by this line of questioning and leant back in her chair with a puzzled look. Her lack of response could have been played off as her not hearing the question.

Mike jumped in to say that Josh was the better kisser in an attempt to cut through the awkwardness, saving Zendaya from such a question. She laughed it off and said: "Imma let y'all take that."

Similarly, on the red carpet for Dune: Part Two in France, Zendaya was asked if it was weird shooting a kissing scene with her co-star Timothée Chalamet.

She, again, laughed off the question before saying: "Well I think it's our job. So no it's not, I think it's not our first rodeo and we have an incredible director that, you know, helps guide the scenes and we're in such good hands and so well supported."

Zendaya among stars at the UK premiere of Challengers

Willy Wonka star Timothée didn't escape the questioning either. Speaking from the red carpet he said it wasn't weird "because we're you know pushing thirty and have been great friends for years, so it's just the nature of the job on this one. And the nature of the script, it's not more complicated than that."

They were also asked by Entertainment Tonight about how they made their kissing scenes seem 'so natural', but they vehemently denied that it felt natural to them as Timothée said they are so close "platonically".

Despite Zendaya saying "it's a little weird" the pair reiterated that it was their job with Timmy saying: "We are so tight now that it really just is another day at work.

"I don't know what that says about the nature of our job," he joked.

Timothée Chalamet and Zendya in "Dune: Part Two"
Timothée Chalamet and Zendya in "Dune: Part Two". Picture: Alamy

On set for Challengers Zendaya said that she and her co-stars built a 'safe' space together as they trained together daily creating a sense of "camaraderie".

She also credits the success of filming intimate scenes to the use of an intimacy coordinator.

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