Zendaya Reveals Her Biggest Fear About Having Kids

10 April 2024, 13:09 | Updated: 10 April 2024, 14:38

Zendaya speaks about wanting a family in the future
Zendaya speaks about wanting a family in the future. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Challengers actress Zendaya, who is currently dating Tom Holland, has spoken about why she's not in a rush to have children.

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Since starring in Spider Man: Homecoming in 2017, alongside her now-boyfriend Tom Holland, Zendaya has remained the IT girl when it comes to all things fashion and TV.

But the 27-year-old actress was thrown into the spotlight long before receiving Emmys for her performance in outstanding projects like Euphoria. She started out her career at just 14 years old as a Disney star on the hit dance show Shake It Up.

Her fame has come with a lot of success but also anxieties. After 13 years in the limelight she is now questiong how long she wants to remain there and whether or not she wants to bring children into her current lifestyle.

Being with Tom since 2021 engagement rumours and the conversation of having children has reared its head every now and again. To our surprise the very private actress addressed the latter in a recent discussion with Vogue.

Zendaya has questioned whether she wants to be in the public eye forever
Zendaya has questioned whether she wants to be in the public eye forever. Picture: Getty

Ahead of the release of her latest movie Challengers, Zendaya said: “I don’t necessarily want my kids to have to deal with this [fame]. And what does my future look like? Am I going to be a public-facing person for ever?”

The actress described a detachment between herself and the person she presents as for the public, explaining how she felt like a piece of art to be observed. She said: "You just kind of get used to the fact that, ‘Oh, I’m also one of these art pieces you’re going to take a picture of.’ I just gotta be totally cool with it and just live my life.

“I think growing up, I always felt like when someone asks for a picture, I have to do it, all the time. You have to say yes, because you just need to be grateful that you’re here. And while I still feel that way, I also have learnt that I can say no."

We always get excited for any press tour that Zendaya is a part of, but it seems the confidence and style that she oozes on a red carpet comes with a lot of hard work which she doesn't necessarily want for her offspring.

Tom Holland and Zendaya met whilst filming 'Spiderman: Homecoming'
Tom Holland and Zendaya met whilst filming 'Spiderman: Homecoming'. Picture: Getty

Zendaya's boyfriend, who is also 27, found his fame a little later in life when he was cast as Spiderman, following in the legacy left behind by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Starring as Tom's MJ, Zendaya witnessed his journey into the spotlight first-hand and said he handled the transition "really beautifully”.

In the interview Zendaya expressed a want to have children and start a family but said she isn't in a rush to get there. It seems, for now, she is content being the cool aunt to her adorable nieces and nephews.

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