Stranger Things X Nike ‘Upside Down’ Trainers Contain A Secret Message

13 August 2019, 16:55

Stranger Things x Nike's latest trainer is the 'Upside Down' pack
Stranger Things x Nike's latest trainer is the 'Upside Down' pack. Picture: Netflix / Nike

Stranger Things fans will be pleased to see the latest addition to the Netflix show’s merchandise is Nike trainers.

You may have completed Stranger Things 3 in a matter of days and are now eagerly awaiting series four, but the hype surrounding the Netflix series is never-ending.

As well as Stranger Things-themed t-shirts and the Scoops Ahoy outfit Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington wear, you can now get your hands on Nike trainers inspired by the show.

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Nike has dropped a pair of Upside Down-themed Cortez trainers and they’ve got a number of hidden features, including a secret tribute to everyone’s favourite Russian scientist Alexei hidden inside.

Alexei’s amazing illustration of the machine that was used to open the gate is in the sole of the shoe, as well as “Suzie, do you copy?” Which Dustin repeats nightly to get in touch with his beloved.

That’s not all – the Russian code Robin expertly cracks in Starcourt Mall is beneath the insoles, printed in both Russian and English.

You can also ensure your shoes will be unique, as inside the sole of the shoe, a label reads: “CAUTION: removal of top layer may reveal alternate dimension.”

The top, soft tan layer can be burnt away (for real) to reveal a layer of denim underneath, meaning you can create your own unique style of trainer.

The ‘Upside Down’ pack, which dropped on 13 August, includes Nike Blazer, Nike Cortez, and Nike Tailwind.

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