Stranger Things 4 Filming Has Begun According To Leaked Pictures – And Hopper's Truck Has Been Spotted

16 October 2019, 15:29 | Updated: 16 October 2019, 15:49

Stranger Things 4 filming has apparently begun
Stranger Things 4 filming has apparently begun. Picture: Netflix

A keen Stranger Things fan noticed the Netflix series has already begun filming its fourth season.

Stranger Things 4 appears to be underway already, as one eagle-eyed viewer spotted what looks like filming crew not far from their house in Rome, Georgia.

Three months after Stranger Things 3 re-ignited our excitement for the award-winning Netflix series, the cast are back to work once more for a series fans still have so many questions about following the last season’s cliff hangers.

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One Reddit user spotted what appeared to be production crew behind their brother’s house and posted a number of pictures on the platform.

The user, under the name ChihuahuawithBoombox, claimed they were asked to leave after asking to take a picture of Hopper’s truck.

They wrote: “They’re currently filming behind my brother’s house on E 9th but since I’ve already been threatened with arrest today I’m gonna chill.

“I also flat out asked to take a pic with Hopper's Blazer and the crew member said, 'you don't see Hopper's Blazer, you won't tell anyone you saw Hopper's Blazer which you don't see, if you don't leave we will have you arrested'.”

One person pointed out however that Hopper’s car was burnt to a crisp in season three, so if they are filming again it was likely for a flashback.

The actor who plays Hopper, David Harbour, was also nowhere to be seen in the snaps.

Another user also claimed they saw the film crew elsewhere in the town and they were told they were filming for a project named “Blue Bayou” which they reckon is the working title for Black Widow.

The scene in question which was captured shows an array of old fashioned cars, and the truck which appears to be Hopper’s can be seen parked without its Hawkins Police markings on.

Stranger Things 4 is no doubt the most highly-anticipated series of the Netflix hit creation, after it ended leaving everyone questioning Hopper’s fate when he was seemingly blown up when Will Byers’ mum Joyce (Winona Ryder) closed the gateway to the Upside Down.

In the post-credits scene however we saw Russian soldiers refer to ‘the American’ prisoner, leaving fans speculating whether Hopper is in fact the American.

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