WATCH: Wes Nelson Is Pretty Sure He Knows Why Sherif Was Kicked Off Loved Island

12 June 2019, 11:05 | Updated: 12 June 2019, 14:11

Wes Nelson thinks he knows why Sherif was kicked out of Love Island
Wes Nelson thinks he knows why Sherif was kicked out of Love Island. Picture: Instagram/ ITV2 Love Island

Wes Nelson's got a pretty good idea of why Sherif was kicked out of Love Island as rumours fly about all the different rules he may have broken.

Wes Nelson thinks he knows why Sherif was kicked off Love Island 2019 as the rumours mill has well and truly kicked into overdrive- and he says it was most likely for 'scrapping' as there's a zero tolerance policy to any type of violence by the show's producers.

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Stopping by for a chat alongside co-star Georgia Steel, Wes, 21, revealed: "I reckon it's from scrapping or getting a bit argumentative and getting in the faces of people- that's zero tolerance, so, any violence, or intimidation, shouting like that, they'll just cut you from the show."

"With Sherif it was said they agreed 'mutually' which is like being asked to leave work without being fired...and we know he's made a public apology."

"I don't think the tea is going to be spilt until a couple of weeks or months down the line."

The internet went into meltdown when it was announced that Sherif had been removed from the island for 'breaking rules' and he released a statement where he stated his 'regret' for not 'conducting himself' in the appropriate way- but there has been no official reason given for his very early departure.

'Screenshots' of a supposed Instagram conversation did the rounds last night, but many say these have been altered and neither Love Island or Sherif have officially spoken out yet.

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