WATCH: Love Island USA Is Coming & Brits Are Divided Over The American Version

17 May 2019, 10:20 | Updated: 17 May 2019, 10:33

Love Island USA is coming this summer
Love Island USA is coming this summer. Picture: Instagram @Loveislandusa

Love Island USA is officially launching this summer on CBS and some of last year's contestants have flown over to show them what it's all about.

Love Island USA is officially coming this summer, as if we weren't hyped enough for the British series- and the show has enlisted the help of former Love Island contestants including Dani Dyer, Eyal Book, Dr. Alex and Samira Mighty to start the buzz across the pond.

The official Instagram page which has quickly amassed 15k followers, @loveislandusa, has teased the show with the same logo as the British one, but different colours and the caption: "Get ready for one hot summer. Love Island is coming soon to @CBSTV."

Eyal and Samira posted videos from the official launch of the show in New York, and Dani Dyer & Dr. Alex were also there to provide some expertise from the reality show, however, not everyone is happy about the decision to launch a US version.

One user said the show will "never gonna be as good as Love Island UK" and another said "OoO look who’s copying England."

Other's are excited but said that it was unique qualities such as Iain Striling's hilarious commentary, saying "The US version needs a narrator as equally funny and snarky as @iaindoesjokes" and many pointed out the famous catch phrases from the villa that makes the show so popular.

CBS is a television network in the USA which describes itself as a 'popular primetime' TV network and as Love Island is the most watched reality show in the UK, we can't wait to see what American's make of it.

How do I watch Love Island USA?

There is currently no word on how we will access the show here in the UK- although previous seasons of the original version have been picked up by Netflix- so it may be a matter of waiting until the series is over before it is put onto a streaming site.

The Australian version of the dating show show was aired on ITVBe in August and was met with rave reviews, so we could be getting the US version on a channel of our own, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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