This Savage Theory Explains Why Love Island's Jordan Hames Flipped From Anna To India

24 July 2019, 11:15

Theory suggests why Jordan Hames turned against Anna
Theory suggests why Jordan Hames turned against Anna. Picture: ITV2/ Love Island

As Jordan flipped from asking Anna to be his girlfriend to telling India he likes her, theres'a theory about why Jordan changed his behaviour so quickly.

Jordan Hames's actions made for one of the most dramatic Love Island episodes of all time when he told India Reynolds he liked her despite having literally just made Anna Vakili his girlfriend, and now former islanders have a theory about why he flipped so drastically, and it isn't pretty.

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Dumped islander Michael Griffiths, who had his own fair share of drama during his stint on the show, has questioned his friend's actions after they spoke about being wary of getting into a serious relationship in the villa.

Whilst appearing on Lorraine, he told Christine Lampard a few of them were unsure about getting into a relationship, but he acted abruptly and did it anyway:

"Me, Anton and Jordan were sitting around saying it's not the best thing to do because you don't know if you're going to work on the outside."

"And then Jordan's gone ahead and done it. We always backed him for it and respected his decision."

"That was his mission, he came in to get Anna. And it seems he's just had a bit of head loss and he's stumbled at the first step."

Michael Griffiths questions Jordan Hames's actions
Michael Griffiths questions Jordan Hames's actions. Picture: Lorraine

Francesca Allen, who was dumped along with Michael, has suggested the reason for his sudden flip was when he realised the public weren't so fond of him and Anna when they found themselves in the bottom three.

So, has decided to switch things up to try and swing the public's opinion of him to get to the final- something Anna also accused him of during her savage shutdown in Tuesday's episode.

She told "‘I don’t know whether it’s because the public keep voting them the lowest it’s put doubt in his mind."

Anna confronts Jordan as he tells India he likes her
Anna confronts Jordan as he tells India he likes her. Picture: ITV/Love Island

In the explosive episode, Maura proved once again she's the best friend a girl could ever wish for, telling Anna exactly what was going on despite Curtis's best attempts to stop her.

Storming over, Anna clapped Jordan down in what was a seriously epic showdown, questioning: "You like her? Maura just told me you like her. You tried to tell me today you like another girl? What kind of guy asks a girl to be his girlfriend and two days later cracks on with someone else?"

"You have a f***ing girlfriend you idiot. You asked me to be your girlfriend to get through to the finals because you're a game player."

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