Love Island viewers spotted Sherif's arm in the villa and the memes are hilarious

12 June 2019, 16:15

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe


Sherif Lanre being booted out of Love Island is probably one of the TV show's biggest scandals to date – and we're only nine days in. ITV announced Sherif was given the axe after violating the rules yesterday (June 11) and still, no-one quite knows why.

What are the Love Island 2019 rules and which one did Sherif break?

"In a case of poor judgement, I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa," Sherif said, in a statement.

Sherif Lanre Love Island.
Sherif Lanre Love Island. Picture: ITV

Love Island viewers have their theories, though, ranging from masturbating in the jacuzzi (FYI, masturbation is strictly against the rules) to getting in a fight with his former love rival Anton Danyluk.

Anyway, everyone has been guessing and we all thought Love Island would shed some light on it during Tuesday night's episode – erm, sadly not.

Love Island barely addressed what had happened with Sherif but we did see a teeny tiny glimpse of the rugby player-turned-chef… well, we saw a bit of his arm.


Twitter went wild after seeing a snippet of Sherif's arm. He barely got any screen time but LI chose to show his arm – could it be a clue as to why he left!?

It doesn't look like we're ever going to get a clear answer on why Sherif was kicked out at this rate, with both him and ITV keeping extremely tight-lipped on the situation.

But, what we do know is, his mother Diana Rollanson-Williams is fuming about her son's "unfair" shock exit from the programme after less than two weeks.

"I don't know the real reason yet, but I am determined to get to the bottom it it," she revealed to the MailOnline.

"I don't know if he has actually done anything wrong yet. I need to look at his Love Island code of conduct and I need to speak to him properly to find out what really happened."

She added: "But I'm his mum, I'm going to think it was a bit unfair. I think so. I'm going to defend my son. He is so lovely, lovely young man, a great boy. He is not a fame chaser. He was not looking for fame."