WATCH: Rosie Gives Love Island's Adam A Taste Of His Own Medicine By Wrecking His Make-Up

29 June 2018, 10:30

NOTE: Don't mess with Rosie ever again, Adam. Because once she leaves the 'Love Island' villa, she will wreck you.

You may have caught Adam mugging off women in the 'Love Island' villa once or twice or 3,924 times. Poor ol' Rosie was just one of the many women to face his pieing.

However, the Welsh lass soon got her own back, once she was eliminated from the ITV2 show.

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Rosie Williams on Capital Breakfast w/ Roman Kemp

During the series, Adam accidentally-on-purpose ruined Rosie's face, when he was asked to do her make-up for her. And yet he, somehow, managed to make Zara up to look like the Mona Lisa.

It only seemed fair, then, that we gave Rosie a chance to get her own back, by arming her with a photo of her ex, Adam, and several marker pens.

From hiding his face, to wrecking his teeth, we like to think we gave Rosie a chance to vent some of her anger. You're welcome, girl.

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