Laura And Paul Came Second On 'Love Island' And The Internet Is DIVIDED

31 July 2018, 11:11

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Should they have made it so far?

After close to two months of sun, sex and suspicious pairings, Love Island drew to a close last night. In a result that shocked no one, favourites to win Dani and Jack took home the coveted crown. The couple stole the nation's hearts in the first few days of the reality TV show and have been loved up ever since. Fans across the UK celebrated. However, the other results have caused a fair bit of controversy.

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Megan and Wes came in fourth place, Josh and Kaz were third and Laura and Paul were runners-up. Many were thrilled with the result but a lot of viewers were perplexed as to how Laura and Paul managed to beat out Josh and Kaz and Megan and Wes when they were only together for two weeks. In comparison Josh and Kaz and Megan and Wes were together for over half of the show.

Love Island
Love Island. Picture: Instagram // Channel 9 News Australia

There's no doubt that people adore Laura. After struggling to find love in the early weeks of the competition and two pairings that didn't work out (Wes, Jack), it was a joy to see her finally find a genuine partner with Paul. Did the two of them deserve to come second though?

Unsurprisingly, the internet has thoughts. Here a just a few of the reactions to the result.

Some can't get over that time frame.

It is short.

And they're not even in a relationship yet.

To be fair to them they haven't had the same time as the other couples to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Others think that Kaz and Josh deserved that place.

We stan Kaz and Josh with all of our hearts.

One or two viewers pointed out that Paul coming second is an example 'white male privilege' in action.

Tea has been served.

A couple of people blamed Fiat 500 Twitter for the result.

No comment.

Maybe it has something to do with Brexit.


Nevertheless, Laura fans are keen to point out that she deserves it after what she's been through.

She was dumped twice and held no grudges. A forgiving queen.

Then there are those who are doing a lot.

Josh and Kaz were more compatible than Josh and Georgia and Wes and Megan were more compatible than Wes and Laura. It's not that deep.

And those who don't understand the backlash.

This is true.

Ultimately Laura is a winner regardless of positions.

Result controversy aside, it's so great to see Laura thrive in a healthy relationship.

We wish her and Paul and all of the other finalists the best in their new romances.