How Much Do The 'Love Island' Contestants Get Paid For Being On The Show?

6 June 2018, 15:39

How Much Do The Love Island Contestants Get Paid?
Picture: ITV2
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Yes, the Islanders get paid for appearing on the show - but the actual amount is probably not what you were expecting.

There are a lot of things we've always wondered about Love Island. For example: where exactly is the villa located? And how many condoms do they actually go through in one season? (Actually, we changed our mind on that one. Not sure we wanna know the deets tbh.)

But there's always one question in the back of our minds (and yours, probably) whenever a batch of new Islanders head into the villa for the summer: do the contestants get paid for appearing on the show, and if so, how much do they actually get paid?

Luckily for you, the answer has now been revealed...


According to The Sun, a source has revealed that each contestant actually earns £200 a week (around £2.80 an hour) and their total income from the show will depend on how long they manage to stay in the villa. They're also expected to do interview and photoshoots as part of their time on the show.

If a contestant enters on the first day and makes it all the way to the final, they could have earned up to £1600. And of course, if they win the show, they'll add an extra £25,000 on top of that. (If they decide to split the £50k prize, that is.)

More often than not, Islanders will also be met with a ton of magazine deals and clothing brand sponsorships too, which means their net worth will increase TEN FOLD within two months of leaving the villa.

So while, £200 a week seems like actual peanuts to those of us in the outside world, you've gotta bear in mind that the Islanders are getting a free holiday, free booze, a free clothing allowance, free make up and their food is cooked for them every single night. All they've gotta do is turn up.

Sounds like an absolute dream to be quite honest.