Eyal Booker Exclusively Reveals The Truth About The 'Divided' Villa

27 June 2018, 22:04

Eyal Booker Reveals Villa

Eyal Booker has exclusively revealed the 'sour' mood in the 'divided' villa due to the recent drama between Megan, Laura and Wes...

Dumped Love Islander Eyal Booker has revealed the 'sour' mood in the villa, as contestants have split off into groups according to their loyalties after Megan threw a major spanner in the works of Wes and Laura's relationship by revealing she has the hots for the 20-year-old.

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Speaking to Capital FM, Eyal said: "There's lot of segregation in the villa, people have split off depending where their loyalties lie, Laura is hurting and people who have been there for her from the start haven't taken what's happened lightly".

Eyal told us how the 'dynamic in the villa has changed' ever since Megan's attempts to win Wes over, and admitted he thinks she is playing a game. He said: "I was surprised because Megan preached she was shy with not much confidence and now that has disappeared".

He added that life in the villa changes so quickly, all will be forgotten soon enough- that is, until the next load of drama arrives!

Eyal, we're going to miss you mate.

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