WATCH: Dani Dyer Reacts To Ellie Brown And Charlie Brake Split!

26 September 2018, 13:39

After all of the broken relationships from this year's Love Island, Dani Dyer reviewed as to who which couples will actually last.

Laura and Paul. Jack and Laura. Now Ellie and Charlie. Many of the Love Island couples have split since the show ended.

Dani Dyer joined Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay to chat about her upcoming show, and discussed the breaking news of Ellie and Charlie's split.

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The winner of Love Island 2018, said that it wasn't really a surprise, as it "clearly weren't meant to happen", but went on to say that Josh and Kaz will definitely go on to last.

Jack and Dani have been an item since the beginning of the ITV2 reality show, since the start of June.

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