Love Island's Anna Vakili Calls Trolls 'Racist' As She & Sister Branded 'The Kramp Twins'

9 September 2019, 12:38 | Updated: 10 September 2019, 10:21

Anna Vakilli brands trolls racist after she and sister slated
Anna Vakilli brands trolls racist after she and sister slated. Picture: Instagram @AnnaVakilli/ @AmberRoseGill

Anna Vakili has branded people 'racist' for coming after her and sister Mandi and labelled them 'The Kramp Twins.'

Love Island's Anna Vakili has hit out at 'racist' trolls on Instagram after people came for her and sister Mandi for 'putting a camera' in Amber Gill's face after she broke up with Greg O'Shea, saying Amber is 'lucky' to have them.

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Anna and Mandi have rallied around the winner of the 2019 series ever since Greg reportedly ended things with her over the phone, having a girls' night in with pizza and ice cream and posting Instagram stories of their evening- including 'close-up' on Amber, which many thought was insensitive.

One twitter user wrote, "I acc can’t stand Anna & her sister. Amber just wants to be upset in peace but you’re here doing break up documentary. You can tell they don’t have her best interest at heart."

Opinions and memes started circulating online branding the close sisters 'The Kramp Twins' after the cartoon of two mischievous brothers, and others telling Amber to go back to her 'real friends' such as Yewande Biala.

Anna took to Instagram to hit back, writing over a meme slating the pair, saying: "Had enough of this constant attack of hating bullsh*t at me and Mandi. It's crazy if anything Amber is SOOO lucky to have the KRAMP twins around her, we give her love, support and a place to stay."

"I'm the best friend any of you could have. All I can put down to is hate and racism towards us because we are Iranian and don't have the kind of support system as other ethnicities in this country which is sad so we are targeted but others and even our own because we are easy victims to prey on."

Anna Vakilli says Amber Gill is 'lucky to have her'
Anna Vakilli says Amber Gill is 'lucky to have her'. Picture: Instagram @annavakilli

2019 islander and brief love interest of Anna, Jordan Hames, even waded in on the hate, writing 'facts' under a meme that said "Anna's sister tryna be famous like. #LoveIsland."

Anna stepped in again to defend her sister, saying, "All this s**t about my sister being a "clout chaser" or "trying to be famous" is obviously from people that don't have a close relationship with their family or have family values."

"Me and my sister have always been close and always went everywhere together from school, uni and work. So nothing has changed I just take her with me to events that are FULL of influencers with less followers than her."

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